Reasons Why WooCommerce Is the Perfect Choice for E-Startups

Fundamentally, WooCommerce by WooThemes is just another amazing and free WordPress plugin. Moreover, finding a plugin similar to the features and benefits yielded by WooCommerce is hard to find. Commenced in late September 2011, WooCommerce currently wires a considerable segment of the ever-growing e-commerce pie, exhibiting more 1.6 million downloads from all around the world.

This open-source platform provides users with a feature widespread, yet enormously user-friendly experience, making it ideal for e-commerce startups and SMEs. It allows them to become aware of and experience online business in a way which is simple to assimilate, without drilling a hole in your wallet.

Let’s take a look at just how and why WooCommerce suits the up-and-coming online merchants:

1.     It’s Free (WooCommerce)

Nothing can bring you joy more than something that you can benefit from for free. We all know that there are ever-growing options for top-quality e-commerce CMS, allowing businesses to sell conveniently and innovatively. However, the only drawback they have is that they come with a price tag – rather hefty one, in some cases. Of course, WooCommerce being an exception to that.

WooCommerce can be downloaded for free and used instantly. Moreover, it provides a range of features that are unique and flexible in nature.

2.     Highly Flexible

Talking of flexibility, this is the second-best benefit of WooCommerce particularly for new businesses. Businesses and sellers using WooCommerce can exercise flexibility with their products/services without digging deeper into its technicalities. Also, it allows for the products to be categorized, priced and facilitates assigning attributes etc. WooCommerce has the capacity and capability to sell physical, virtual, downloadable and affiliated products as well.

3.     Beyond E-Commerce

While allowing users to remain within their comfort zones during the process of setting up an online store, WooCommerce opens up greater avenues for things beyond e-commerce. For example, it allows creation of a completely functional and professional website, in addition to an incorporated blog. Through WooCommerce, all the aspects of an online business are seamlessly harnessed at one place without much effort.

4.     Its Familiar and Friendly

Did you know that WordPress supports more than 51% of the top million websites in existence? So, it wouldn’t be unfair to conclude that nearly all e-commerce startups will get the opportunity of using WordPress for their online projects. Since WordPress is a popularly known CMS platform, it has that familiarity and friendliness quotient due to its past users who will now be using WooCommerce. This awareness usually helps prevent confusion and puzzlement, while saving time and boasting creativity.

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