Overview: Affiliate Tracking Made Easy

Here’s a quick tour of our affiliate software. Please read on below to get started! Or, click here if you’d prefer a full feature demo.

Signing Up New Affiliates

As soon as you sign up for your LeadDyno account, we’ll create an Affiliate Sign Up page for you. We host it for you at yourdomain.leaddyno.com. Here’s an example you’re welcome check out.

You can customize this page with your website / company logo and colors. You can even embed it on your own website using our iFrame mode. Here’s a demo of how this works… and here’s another example:

affiliate page customization options, color and logo

Of course, you can also sign up new affiliates and resellers via the LeadDyno app itself, too. For example, if you’re speaking with a new affiliate or reseller on the phone, you can just sign them up “on the fly” yourself – like this.

When new affiliates sign up for your program, we have an “automatic” email you can greet them with to welcome them to your program. The email will also contain all the information they need to start promoting your website and product(s) – their unique referral link, and the link to their affiliate dashboard. Here’s an example:

And here’s a short video showing how to enable this feature.

Now that we have your affiliates getting set up and ramped up with no effort on your part, let’s get them promoting your website!

“One-Click Social Sharing” via the Affiliate Dashboard

The Affiliate Dashboard contains everything an affiliate needs to promote your website and products. He or she can also track their progress in real-time here as well. Here’s a full demo of the Affiliate Dashboard.

The first page of the dashboard gives your affiliates access to their unique referral link and their “one-click” social sharing buttons.


All they need to do is click a button, and they’ll be logged into their Email, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media accounts with a “social share” containing their affiliate link ready to go.

Keeping Affiliates “In the Loop” and Motivated

In the spirit of the “welcome” email, you’ll also have the option to automatically email affiliates when something good happens. For example, you can send them a “thank you” email every time they send you a new lead, or a new sale. Here’s a short demo of this feature.

These emails are “ready to go” within LeadDyno – you just need to turn them on when you start your account. Here’s one of our most popular emails with affiliates… it’s the one that tells them they have a new commission!

affiliate sale commission email

You can also send weekly status emails to your affiliates. And remember, they always have 24/7 access to their statistics and commissions via their Affiliate Dashboard, too.

Pay Affiliate Commissions Quickly and Easily

The only email that generates more smiles than the previous one is the email that PayPal sends affiliates when you send them money!

We have an easy “one-click” integration with PayPal – it’s the most popular with our affiliate manager. You can either set this up to pay your affiliates automatically, or you can approve each payment with a click – it’s your choice. Here’s a short demo of our “affiliate payout” view.

pay affiliate commissions

You can also pay your affiliates via check, via Dwolla, or even via Coinbase.

And for a full demonstration of these product features – both live, and “on demand” – please visit our Demo page here.