Problems You Might Experience With An Affiliate Marketing Network

Affiliate marketing allows a business to reach a larger audience and market their products effectively through a network of affiliates dedicated to promoting it. But as attractive as that may sound, affiliate marketing is no walk in the park.

There are a number of challenges that businesses face when marketing their product in this way.

Here are three major problems that you as an entrepreneur might also come across.

Problem #1: Recruiting The Right Affiliates

When a retailer requires affiliates for the program, he will just about invite anyone wanting to provide their services. There is no process of scanning or selection involved. The way to go about this is to carefully select those who are a good fit for the program.

The affiliate manager should speak with the candidates and highlight the vision, goals and expectations of the business. You also need to provide relevant publications or content to work with.

Keep in mind that about 10% of your affiliates will be the ones driving 90% of the traffic towards your site. Appreciate them for providing these services to your company.

Problem #2: How To Address Rogue Affiliate Marketers

Some affiliates might not be working according to the company’s guidelines and might be misinterpreting material online. Posting such brand-tarnishing content online can really go against the image of the business.

The way to resolve this problem is to make use of affiliate tracking software that allows the company to track what others are saying about them online. This will also allow them to remain updated about all the work being done by the affiliates. It is the job of the affiliate manager to stay updated about their work.

Problem #3: Dealing With Affiliates That Abandon Or Neglect The Site

There are many affiliates who only work with you for a short period of time and then abandon the site. They provide their services till the point they feel they are benefiting; when they see a more attractive offer come their way, they are gone.

The affiliate manager should thus remain updated about the work being done, communicating with the affiliates often to learn about progress. Receiving personalized messages from the manager will encourage them to stay on board.

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