Planning To Recruit Affiliates on Social Media? Here Are Some Tips

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to grow your business, but you need to attract good affiliates first. Social media is a great untapped market for finding affiliates. You will be able to find people who have been affiliates for a long time and you will also be able to recruit people who will be fresh to e-commerce affiliate marketing. Social media is the best avenue for finding people these days. Here are some tips on making the search fruitful.

Tip 1 – Understand what your ideal affiliate will be like

One of the best parts of social media is that it allows you to search exactly for the type of people that you will need. If you go around trying to recruit people without any focus, you will end up having a very low success rate. What you need to do instead is pinpoint the type of people that would do the best job of being affiliates. You need to find out the age group, gender, lifestyle type, and more demographic information that could help you reach the right people.

Tip 2 – Use paid social media advertising

Do you know the best part of social media advertising? It is dirt cheap. You will be surprised at the low costs of marketing on a place like Facebook. Do you know the second best thing? Targeted marketing. We discussed knowing the type of person that would be the perfect affiliate for you. With paid advertising, you will be able to directly target these people. If you are looking to recruit people who will be doing affiliate marketing for the first time, try targeting the demographic that is most likely to be interested in the product you want affiliate marketing done for.

Tip 3 – Use a personal approach

It is always a good idea to humanize your pitch. Instead of pitching the idea straight up use yourself as an advertisement and talk to people and tell them about the affiliate program. We always find it easier to trust a face rather than a company logo. Social media content sharing should usually have a personal touch.

Tip 3 – Set prizes for participators

Many new affiliate programs will now set prizes for the top performers. This is fantastic because it attracts ambitious people who know they will get something good if they put in the time and effort as an affiliate. Only use this strategy if you have the budget for a serious prize – if the prize is too small, it will drive away more people than it attracts.

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