Stylish, Personalized Gear for Your Pets – Earn 20% on All Referrals

Does it get any better for a doggie than having his or her name AND portrait on their favorite new blanket?

Yup, your pup will love you for this new lightweight and super-soft blankie. You’ll get to determine the color and pattern. And the talented artists at PrideBites will even hand draw your pup’s likeness on the blanket for you!

About PrideBites’ Pet Products Affiliate Program

Our friends at PrideBites will pay you a generous 20% of each sale you refer. The top selling blankets are going for $54.99 today – which means you’ll earn an $11 affiliate commission on each blanket sale that results from someone clicking through your link or using your affiliate code.

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What Other Cool Pet Products Can I Refer?

My weims are 11 and 3… and the 3-year-old is always getting out. I mean, does this look like a girl who can really be trusted?

Last Saturday, she quietly slipped out the side gate, where a neighbor across the street found her, and walked her back to our place.

Needless to say, having her name, address, and my cell phone number on her collar is a must. As you can see, she loves pink, and wears it will – so I’m inclined to get her name placed on this fine PrideBites collar:

As with the blanket, the pattern, size, and even the buckle are all customizable.

Of course, when Bianca gets back to the house after her solo-walk, she’s thirsty. So she heads over to her water dish, gets a drink, and proceeds to drench a sizable radius around her dish.

Fortunately, PrideBites has a stylish placemat that fits my girl’s style. And if I use your affiliate link or code to buy it, you’ll earn $5:

Ready to Start Making Money Off Dog People Like Me?

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