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This week, we present to you our top picks for nutrition affiliate programs. So if you manage any kind of nutritional expert blog or even a social media feed, then this is the article for you.

Specially handpicked by our very own content team, who have meticulously gone through the LeadDyno affiliate network list. If you haven’t already explored our directory of merchants, then we invite you to check it out! There you will find over 20 different categories of e-commerce store from which you can register as an affiliate marketer.

But wait!

Before you run off and get immersed in our full list of programs – have a read below on the nutrition affiliate programs that we prepared just for you!

Top 5 Nutrition Affiliate Programs

1. Nutritious Hemp Seed Food [20% Commission]

Nutritious Hemp Seed Food | L&J Enterprises

We cannot talk about health without a hemp seed shout out.

In the spirit of the cannabis craze and all its health goodness, L&J Enterprises offers a range of delicious gluten-free and nutrient-high hemp seed food products.

It’s full of good stuff like high protein and antioxidants – healthy and natural.

Various products are available – from bodybuilding, paleo to gluten free.

Want to earn a decent commission of 20% on each sale? Then register here to become an affiliate of L&J Enterprises.

2. Foods for IBS [20% Commission]

Foods for IBS Sufferers | Casa de Sante

Dealing with IBS is frustrating. You have a love-hate relationship with food. After filtering out the foods you shouldn’t eat, the options you’re left with are pretty much unexciting that eating may as well be a non-event.

Very depressing. But hang on, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks to casa de sante, you can get some of your favorite foods that are easy to digest and low FODMAD.

Specially made for people who suffer from IBS. Not depressing anymore. Phew.

Do you think you would do well promoting these food products? If yes, then sign up to become an affiliate of casa de sante and start earning 20% commission on sales!

3. Vitamin Skin Patch [20% Commission]

Vitamin Supplements in Skin Patches

Vitamins are our everyday heroes. When you’re out of balance and you feel like you’re going to dissolve into your sluggishness, vitamins will whip you into order.

You’ll feel so alive again, seriously.

So you can imagine how super excited I was when I found Nutri-Patch. Because this new vitamin skin patch will directly feed your body with all the vitamin goodness.

It’s time-released – consistently supplying your body with nutrients throughout the day. They’re safe for everyone to use.

So skip swallowing and put a Nutri-Patch on.

If you liked the previous nutrition affiliate program that offered 20% commission, then you should give this one a go too! Simply fill in the affiliate application form and you will be on your way to promoting these awesome nutrition products.

4. Transform Your Body Kit [20% Commission]

Juniper Life - Ignite | Optimize | FortifyI guarantee that if you’re reading this, you likely experience one of the following health problems: crappy energy levels, unsatisfying sleep, poor craving and appetite control, oh and your immune system may suck.

These problems may have even become normal.


There is nothing normal about living a non-amazing life. The problem is that we’ve ignored the most critical organ of our body.

The Gut. A poor gut leads to many health problems.

You have a chance to transform your body with the Transformation Program by JuniperLife.

This 3-product kit will help protect, heal and soothe your gut – restoring your body back to amazing health.

Yet another one of those nutrition affiliate programs that’s offering a healthy 20% commission on sales. If this is the one that tickles your fancy, then apply now to become an affiliate of JuniperLife.

5. Bean & Lentil Pasta [15% Commission]

100% Lentil & Bean PastaHigh protein, low carbs”, and you’ll get the perfect body, they say… Well, this is all good in theory as you just can’t let go of that bad “carbagge” especially when it comes to your favorite pasta meals.

What if I told you that there was a pasta that is gluten-free and high in protein, fiber as well as veggies?

Sounds like the best pasta fantasy ever, right?

Well, Bentilia has just made that food fantasy real with their range of pasta made from 100% lentil and beans.

Yup, that’s right – get all your protein, fiber and veggies in a single pasta serving – guilt-free.

If you are looking to earn a commission of 15% on sales, then apply here to become an affiliate of Bentilia.

Now, are you glad you stuck around?

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