What You Need To Know Before Recruiting Affiliates

With affiliate marketing on the rise, businesses are keen to sign up with affiliate partners to promote their products. However, this is only helpful in boosting sales if they hire the right affiliates for the job. Here is what you need to ask before you recruit affiliates:

Who Are You Targeting?

The most important thing to know before recruiting affiliates is your audience. Look carefully at the niche your product lies under; then search for affiliates who have worked on projects similar to that.

Other things to consider when looking for affiliates is their marketing strategy, how actively they promote products, and whether they use an affiliate tracking system. You want your product to be in safe hands, so don’t skip doing your homework on the type of affiliates you want to recruit!

How Do You Reach Out?

The more potential affiliates you reach out to, the more likely you are to hear back from some of them. It’s a game of numbers out there and there is no denying this. The question still remains though, how do you recruit maximum affiliates for your products?

The simplest—and obvious—way of finding and identifying affiliates you need for your project, is by searching online. As simplistic as this may seem, looking up affiliate marketers who have promoted similar products such as yours is the easiest and most productive way to go about the process.

Not only does this help you narrow down your niche from, say, tens of thousands of affiliates to a thousand, it also enables you to look up their content and decide whether they will be a good choice for your business.

Once you have identified the affiliates you would like to recruit for your project, reach out through email (or any contact information provided) on their pages. This is when you really make your case.

Remember, personalization is key! While it is impossible to draft thousands of emails each tailored according to the affiliate’s profile, try to be as personal as possible. For instance, you can include their previous work on projects they have worked on, acknowledging that you have gone over and appreciated their content.

By doing this, you will be recognizing their talents and letting them know that you are keen to work with them.

Is Sending An Email Enough?

Let’s get one thing straight. Recruiting affiliates will require a lot of persistence. You don’t want to annoy your prospective affiliates, but that doesn’t mean you stop trying after one email. Follow up with them.

If their answer was a yes, you can ask for referrals. If they seemed hesitant, follow up to see if they are willing to work on a modified project better suited to them.

If they outright refused, you pretty much have your answer but there’s no harm in trying one more time and asking for less work than you initially requested. Sometimes, affiliates get on board when presented with an adaptive version of the project. You won’t know till you try!

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