Most Popular Niches In The Affiliate Industry

According to a study conducted by Forrestor, affiliate marketing is gaining pace, and by 2016, affiliate spending is likely to reach $4.5billion from the current $3.9billion. These statistics are more than enough to make one consider affiliate marketing as a part of their overall marketing strategy.

Nevertheless, the success and profitability of affiliate marketing is highly dependent on the type of businesses that are running. While marketing strategies, quality of products, and customer service are of fundamental importance, the niche is also pivotal to profit, especially through affiliate marketing.

Consider this to be one of the most beneficial affiliate program tips; the top three most popular (and profitable!) niches for this industry!

Honing Hobbies

There will always be people pursuing hobbies and passions that are outside of their routine work life. With the additional ease of fulfilling these passions through an online medium, more people are likely to sign up for what you are offering. Think large scale, sports, traveling, sailing, and fishing. In addition to this, technology and advancement is very apparent in all aspects of life, especially these hobbies, with the onset of latest equipments, tools, etc. Since more and more people are likely to talk about their hobbies on social media, the ‘Hobby niche’ is undoubtedly one of the most profitable ones within the affiliate industry.


The Classics: Money, Romance, and Health

When you come to think of it, these three aspects never get old, they are entirely evergreen! People are always looking for ways to make money, be healthy, and enhance their romantic lives. The only upgrade is how these services are delivered, with respect to the advancement of technology.

Be it an online dating service for your area, the latest on an oriental and highly effective diet and exercise plan, or simply online marketing, how to make a CV/resume, gambling, and business opportunities, these niches will always remain popular, and therefore, always profitable for affiliate marketing!


High-End Products and Services

Think big and out of the box. People who buy high-end luxury products do not really have an issue with spending money; all they want is quality, style, and lavishness. Set up a niche for luxury yachts, branded watches and bags, charter jets, and similar extravagance. According to Niche Research by Niche Hacks, these market segments are recession proof, making it an ideal option for the affiliate industry. However, the priority for generating maximum profits is to opt for the best affiliate marketing program running in the market!

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