Maximizing Post-Christmas Holiday Sales Using Facebook Ads

Facebook is big! And it’s getting bigger with each passing year!

According to Facebook, it has 2.7 billion monthly active users as of 2019.

With 60.6% of internet users in its pocket, Facebook is undoubtedly the leading social media platform in the world.

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And while Christmas is over, the holiday season isn’t! In fact, many shoppers wait it out to take advantage of all the big post-Christmas discounts.

In fact, the National Retail Federation survey found that 68% of holiday consumers are likely to shop the week after Christmas.

Facebook provides a great opportunity for maximizing holiday sales. That’s why we’ve gathered some smart tips to help get you started.

Just make sure you act fast to avoid missing out on potential sales!

Facebook ads

While it’s a no brainer, using Facebook ads is perhaps the most straightforward and effective way to increase holiday sales.

However, it’s important to do it right! You need to ensure that the money you’re spending on Facebook ads is leading to sales.

While Facebook pixel works fine, using a dedicated ad tracking software such as LeadDyno Facebook conversion tracking will give you more useful insights.

Learning about each visitor, lead, and purchase through Facebook ads will help you engage your target audience more effectively.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing on Facebook can help you earn high profits if you have the right strategies in place.

It’s a great way to promote your products (or services) because you only have to pay for direct results.

Enroll yourself in a top Facebook affiliating marketing program that will get you access to a vast network of affiliates.

As a result, you’ll be able to target post-Christmas shoppers effectively and earn more revenue during the holiday season.

Influencer marketing

Using an influencer program along with your Facebook ads and affiliate marketing will take your marketing camping to the next level.

Facebook influencer marketing offers many benefits. For starters, it quickly builds trust and gains the attention of the audience.

Moreover, it helps improve brand awareness and expands your reach. Hence, you don’t just maximize holiday sales, but also improve your brand value.

Influencers have fostered an audience on social media and craft engaging content to promote your product effectively.

Final words

Don’t settle down for a long winter’s nap. Take advantage of post-Christmas sales to maximize your holiday revenue.

At LeadDyno, we offer easy Facebook affiliate marketing and influencer program.

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