The Marketer’s Secret Weapon: Affiliate Marketing

E-commerce has shown rapid growth since 2016. According to stats, the retail e-commerce sales in the U.S. amounted to $446.8 billion and are expected to surpass $700 billion by 2022. So how does this involve a marketers secret weapon?

A major fragment of e-commerce is dependent on affiliate marketing. The planned execution of this marketing strategy can result in higher revenues. In 2017, the U.S. alone spent $5.37 billion on affiliate marketing. Another report suggests that affiliate marketing generates 15% of the total revenue of the U.S. digital media industry.

The success or failure of this marketing strategy depends on your tactics.

In this era of cutthroat competition, promoting your product can be a tough job. Here are a few mature affiliate marketing strategies and their benefits:

Marketers Secret Weapon Strategies

1. Coupon-based Marketing

The use of discount coupons can be a lucrative marketing strategy as it gains customer attention. Customers are drawn toward products that allow them to save money.

marketers secret weapon

Offering rebates would reduce your commission. However, your product will gain customer trust and will pay back in the long run. If your product delivers desired quality at discounted rates, customers will refer to your website whenever shopping online.

2. Review based Marketing

You can hire affiliates to review your product and recommend it to customers. You can offer a commission to your affiliates based on the number of customers they attract.

If you’re an affiliate, keep the review genuine and helpful. Your product review should focus on a solution to the consumer’s problem. In-depth and honest reviews portray you as an authentic reviewer. You can use this advantage to convince your customers into buying a certain product.

3. Email based Marketing

A simple and easy-to-use technique. Emails allow you to contact multiple groups as an individual. The unparalleled ability to reach each client in a customized. Making email marketing a vital strategy.

You can leverage this technique to your advantage by adding a CTA to your website. Another way of using this technique is by adding a help bar at your homepage to ensure it’s viewed by the audience.

You can promote E-books, checklists, worksheet, or any promotional offer that encourages customers to provide their name and email address. You can send your promotional content to the customers via email.

Another great method of using email is by adding behavior-based popup. It should appear when users click a certain link or are about to exit the page. Email is an effective way to reach your target audience. You can gain numerous customers by creating engaging and relevant email content.

4. Webinars based Marketing  

Webinars allow affiliates to engage with their customers. Where they can discuss how to use a product and even talk about its benefits. These sessions allow the host to listen to his customers and answer their queries. This results in satisfied customers and high commissions.

It’s a trendy way to market your products. You can promote clips of your webinar’s on YouTube and other social media platforms. Upload the full video for customers who were unable to attend.

So now you too can take advantage of a marketers secret weapon.

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