Managing, Affiliates Using LeadDyno’s Affiliate Management Platform

1. Be Aware of your Affiliate Partners
Set rules on what to advertise and where to advertise. To avoid the hassle of competing with your own affiliates, simply ask them to post a screenshot of their placements.

2. Measure Results Daily
You may face challenges in the data while having excellent affiliates. As a manager, it is important to compare the tracking data with the affiliates’ data. Check for negative trends in the sales data.

3. Find the Best Tracking Software
If you are managing your affiliate program in-house, then you will need to buy or build a transparent system that can handle all tracking for best results!

4. Build Good Relationships
There needs to be a mutual sense of understanding and trust between yourself and the affiliates. Pay on time, work on a schedule that is acceptable for the affiliates and try and work towards building a long term relationship.

5. Find Out How Much You Can Pay Per Lead
It would be difficult to decide on the affiliate’s commission unless you know the revenue and margin that you think you’re going to make per lead.

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