Making the Most of Social Media in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing and Social Media

Social media owns the world! With 211 million users in the U.S. alone this year, it’s emerged as the most influential medium there is! Marketers have long been using the power of social media to expand their customer reach and penetrate the global market. Affiliate marketing is one such strategy that reaps the many benefits of social media.

While in the past, blogs were the only way to drive customers to your website, social media has simplified the job. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter direct visitors to your website. Although social media plays a leading role in boosting your businesses, a proper marketing strategy is what makes you a winner.

Users come across hundreds of promotional content every day. So what makes you stand out? What is it about your content that makes them stay on your page? For starters, it’s definitely not the mundane stuff! Thinking out of the box is what sets you apart on social media.

Here’s a list of tips to become a marketing guru on social media:

Be Creative with your Affiliate Marketing Content

Promoting your product right from the start is the worst mistake you can make on social media. No one wants to waste their time reading promotional content on social media. Before creating content for social media platforms, ask yourself questions like: How is it of value to my readers? Does it grab anyone’s attention? Would I consider reading it as a viewer?

Create content that entices readers to continue reading. Instead of selling your product, consider selling a solution to their problems.

Use Photos

Photos are the first thing our eyes land on while scrolling through our newsfeed. Long paragraphs with no photos aren’t exactly the kind of posts that catch a reader’s attention.

Attractive photos that align with your content will draw your readers’ eyes and direct them to your content.

Focus on Premium Quality Products

Regardless of how many photos you use or how creative your content is, all your efforts will go in vain if you’re selling a low-quality product at the end. Focus on marketing products of impeccable quality. Once you succeed in satisfying your customers, they’ll likely refer you to their friends and family.

Staying Active

You have an amazing social media platform, readers love your posts, they’re even interested in buying a few of your products; but if you’re responding to your customers two days later, you’ve already lost them! Maintaining an active social media presence is vital to avoid losing customers. Regularly posting and responding to your customers presents you as a reliable marketer.

Don’t over saturate your social media platforms, however. Managing different audiences without neglecting any of them can be quite overwhelming for a newbie. Start with a couple of social media accounts. Once you’re actively managing these accounts, only then should you consider expanding your social media presence.

Using social media to your advantage is an effective affiliate marketing strategy to reach the maximum audience in a limited time. However, keeping track of your affiliates’ performance and converted leads can be quite challenging.

This is where LeadDyno comes in. Our affiliate management software allows you to monitor your affiliates’ performance. Our Google Adwords tracking feature lets you keep track of the number of clicks that converted into leads.

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