Making Money on Instagram—How to Use Affiliate Marketing

Instagram has become the platform for all your social media interactions. Consequentially, people have found innovative ways to monetize it to multiply their profits. One of these methods is affiliate marketing.

It involves enlisting the services of influencers to promote products to followers. Every time you get a lead from a promotional post, the promoter gets a percentage of the profits. We’re here to guide you through this process to help you optimize your sales!

How does Affiliate Marketing help?

Audiences are hyper-sensitive to overt advertising, so they’ll just scroll past it without giving it a second thought. However, if an influencer they actively follow posts your product on their personal feed, they’ll be much more inclined to click on it and make a purchase.

This has become a 1.7 billion dollar industry, and is predicted to grow almost ten-fold by 2020. So working with bloggers and influencers definitely helps you drive sales significantly.

What Should You Look for in an Ideal Influencer?

Clean Reputation

Make sure that no discrepancies pop up when you look them up on Google. Remember, you don’t want your potential marketer to be notorious on social media, as your product’s reputation depends on it.


Likewise, you should make sure that the influencer you pick has a following of at least 2,000–15,000 followers. While that number might seem low, small influencers have followers who are usually more loyal and engaged than those with a bigger following. These micro-influencers also charge less while driving similar or better results. And you need to cut your costs wherever you can!

An Instagram influencer with a following of 30,000 charges $2500–$4500 for their services on average, according to The Verge. This amount is too much if you’re relatively new or a small business with a limited marketing budget. You can always opt for a bigger influencer later in your career.

In-line with Your Brand!

You should also only opt for influencers which are focused on the products you sell. For instance, if you sell desserts, you should make sure the influencer you pick is deeply involved with posting about food, or desserts to be specific.

Once you have it all set, you can track everything with our affiliate marketing software include affiliate signups to make sure that the amount you’re investing is generating the numbers you require. Our top affiliate software will help you manage everything properly and optimize.

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