LeadDyno Joins SureSwift Capital

After nearly a decade in business, we’re excited to announce that LeadDyno has found a new home with SureSwift Capital, which runs a growing portfolio of SaaS apps! Founders Mike Machado, Carson Gross, and Brett Owens sold the business to them several months ago, and have been continuing to work behind the scenes with both our team and SureSwift to make sure we all have everything we need to deliver an amazing experience for our existing and new customers. 

We know you rely on LeadDyno to manage your affiliate marketing program, and that’s really important to your business. The reason the founding team chose SureSwift as a buyer is because they own and run several other products in adjacent spaces, and they wanted to help both our product and our team continue to grow.

Our entire team joined SureSwift with the acquisition, and we’ve also hired a couple new folks dedicated to LeadDyno. Matt Brickley, who has been with us as Head of Growth and Product Manager for two years will be overseeing things as General Manager. As GM he’ll be making sure we’ve got the right team and features in place to serve you best. 

Mike, Carson, and Brett are transitioning out of day-to-day operations for LeadDyno. Please join us in saying congrats to them — they built a great product, and a team we’ve all been proud to be a part of. 

For our customers — if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us through our normal support channels, and we look forward to continuing to help you build your affiliate marketing program and crush your goals. 

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