LeadDyno Affiliate Newsletter: New Features & Promotions

Here’s our Affiliate Newsletter for March 2015.  If you didn’t receive this, and you’re interested in joining our affiliate program, please click here to get started.

We’ve got one of the most generous affiliate programs you’ll ever see.  When you refer a customer to us, you earn 30% of their monthly payments as long as they’re with LeadDyno.  You literally get paid every month for life, as long as they stay with us.

Again, click here to sign up for the LeadDyno Affiliate Program.


Hello LeadDyno Affiliates!

If we owed you $100 or more at the end of February, we sent payment via PayPal. Let me know if you didn’t receive it, or would prefer to arrange an alternate form of payment.

As you know, you can check your sales and commissions on your Affiliate Dashboard here:

(A Lot) of New Features on the Way

We’ve got some great new features on the way over the next couple of months… and I wanted you to be the first to know about them…

  • A “social sharing” widget that’ll go right on the checkout page – so that customers can immediately join your affiliate program and start sharing from there
  • “Per product” affiliate commissions – so that you can pay a different % or $ amount per SKU or product
  • PayPal “mass pay” – if “one-click” is still too bothersome, we’ll have an option to pay everyone at once

As these features roll out, we’ll let you know first, so that you can help us promote them to your clients and followers (via your Affiliate Dashboard, which we’ll be updating throughout the releases:

A Webcast to Promote Right Now

For right now, I do have an educational segment that’s very popular. It features Natalie Sission of “Suitcase Entrepreneur” fame and yours truly. We talk affiliate marketing, and share exactly how we recruit, manage, and compensate the affiliates of our respective companies.

Here’s the direct link to the recorded webcast:

And your “one-click” social media shares have been updated with this link, too:

Want to Appear on a LeadDyno Webcast?

If you’re interested in co-hosting a webinar with us, please reply directly to this email… and let me know what topic(s) you’d like to discuss. If it’d be of interest to our entire customer base, I’d be happy to co-promote the event with you.


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