LeadDyno Affiliate Newsletter – July 2015

Hello LeadDyno Affiliate! Here’s our update for July 2015…

Affiliate Commissions Are Going Out Tomorrow

If we owe you June affiliate commissions, we’ll pay you tomorrow via PayPal (unless you prefer otherwise). You can click here to see how much $ we owe you on your Affiliate Dashboard here:

Share Your Affiliate Link Here

We’re paying out more than $50 to a record 21 people. If you’re 1 of those 21, thank you and well done! And if not, let’s make sure you earn commissions and get paid next month. It’s easy to refer LeadDyno – just click these social sharing buttons to get started:

Can I Feature Your Business Here?

Last month, we featured our favorite affiliate marketing partners to our list of 4,800 readers. If you help clients run affiliate programs and use LeadDyno, I’d love to hear from you. Here’s our current list of preferred partners:


– Brett Owens

Marketing Director & Co-Founder

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