LeadDyno 2019 Review: Upgrade to the Latest & Greatest Version

The boys have been grinding away on our beautiful new LeadDyno user interface (UI) for a solid year. And at long last, it’s here!

This shiny new UI will make your life easier. We’ve added the latest and greatest features asked for by expert affiliate and marketing managers like yourself. (More on these in a minute, as well as details on how you can join me for a demo.)

To upgrade today, just log into your LeadDyno account and click the test drive button you see at the top of your screen:

You’ll be redirected to, where you’ll have the keys to the new app in your hands.

Join Me (Brett) for a 10 Minute Demo Overview

I’m pivoting our regular webinar series to feature the UI. Please join me for a live overview and I’ll show you everything you need to get rolling, including how to:

  • Get your affiliates and influencers going with their own promo dashboards,
  • Style your affiliate website,
  • Dial in social media content (Facebook, Insta, Twitter & more) to maximize sharing, and
  • Have your affiliate / influencer program promoted via our network (on us!).

PS: If the live sessions aren’t a fit or the times don’t work, let me know and I will send you a link to the most recent recording. We post them to our LeadDyno YouTube channel.

3 New LeadDyno Features

#1 – Affiliate Website Preview

Our affiliate website customization section now has an “on demand” preview window. Nice job by our own designer Pero here!

It’s easy to use. Click the Website link at the top of your screen and you won’t miss the real-time preview window. It’ll update as you edit your affiliate website and affiliate dashboard.

#2 – Favicon

Scroll down that page and you’ll see a place for a Favicon URL. You can add a Favicon to your website and dashboard by adding a URL there, and clicking the Save button at the bottom of your screen. (Tips and kudos to Carson on this one next time you talk to him.)

#3 – New Commission Wizard (Including Time-Based Commish)

Last but not least we’ve overhauled our commission setup. It’s now as easy as ordering your morning coffee! Click the Commissions tab at the top of your screen to start explaining your preference for affiliate sugar, influencer cream and soy-based social media add-ons!

By popular demand we have also added “time-based” commissions to support your promotion and contest efforts.

Let Us Pay You Monthly

As you probably saw at the outset, I owe $4,086 to our affiliate partners – and we’re only halfway through May! I pay dozens of our partners every single month.

How can you get yourself on our monthly payroll? Simple – join our own affiliate program. We’ll pay you a 20% recurring commission for the lifetime of any customer you send our way. Learn more and sign up right here.

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