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So you want to be an affiliate marketer? If the answer’s yes, then that’s great! Even better if you’re looking to get into jewelry marketing. That is because here at LeadDyno, we have compiled a list of the 10 latest jewelry products to promote as an affiliate marketer in 2018. Aside from marketing jewelry, we have over 20+ product niches that you can promote as a marketer.

However, our main focus today is all about jewelry marketing. But if you stick with us to the end – we promise to share with you the other product categories with huge marketing potential. So for now, let’s take a look at the latest jewelry affiliate programs that you can register with immediately.

10 Latest Jewelry Marketing Opportunities

  • Affordable High-Quality Jewelry
  • Lucky Jewelry
  • Quality Costume Jewelry
  • Fine Jewelry & Diamonds
  • Classic Men’s Watch
  • Fashion & Fine Jewelry
  • Sea Themed Silver Jewelry
  • Men’s Jewelry
  • Engraved Semi-Precious Gems
  • Lovable Valentines Jewelry

Affordable High-Quality Jewelry – 15% Commission

Gem Stone Ring - Peak GemsIf you’re looking to gift a loved one with an intimate piece of jewelry, you may be frightened away by the cost of high-quality pieces. Freight no more. Peak Gems has created a middle ground for people looking for high-quality pieces without the cost of arms and legs. Fine jewelry pieces with mesmerizing gemstones set in a choice metal finishes, certainly make for treasured gifts.

How about a stunning garnet gem set in a sterling silver rose gold finish ring to surprise your loved one? Most pieces are pleasantly priced under $100.

Affiliates, get your jewelry marketing belts on and apply now to become an affiliate of Peak Gems so you can start claiming the 15% rewards.

Lucky Jewelry – 15% Commission

Lucky Charm Jewelry ProductsA lucky charm doesn’t get any more charming than on a piece of jewelry. Spread positive vibes to loved ones with lucky charm jewelry from Sterling Luck. Weather for a birthday gift or farewell gift – an acorn, four-leaf clover and horseshoe may be the little bit of luck that a loved one needs wherever they go.

Have these three lucky charms in one pretty sterling silver ring for $49.90. This and other lovely charm jewelry from Sterling Luck.

Two 15% affiliate commissions in a row – could that be a lucky sign? Join Sterling Luck’s affiliate program to find out!

Quality Costume Jewelry – 7% Commission

Gilli's Gems - Quirky Jewelry

I think that a woman’s choice in jewelry is somewhat a projection of her personality. A glass ball dandelion necklace for the carefree dreamer; a glow in the dark pendant for the outgoing girl that loves to have fun and is not shy to show it; a sea turtle necklace for the lady with a fetish for cute things; and a leather choker for bold woman who is driven to make a statement.

Whatever your personality and jewelry taste, you’ll find a piece that you’ll love at Gilli’s Gems – whatever the occasion.

These guys may be offering a low commission rate of 7% on sales when you become affiliated with them, but their products sell like hot cakes! So the high quantity of sales will prove to be pretty profitable.

Fine Jewelry & Diamonds – 10% Commission

Silver Diamond Rings | Moijey Jewelry Products

Diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend, so if you want to get to her heart then go to her best friend. Guys, you don’t need to understand it just accept it. Girls like sparkly things like glitter and sequins so diamonds qualify, naturally.

There is nothing quite like the eternal sparkle of enchanting lights in a diamond. Moijey has an outstanding collection of fine jewelry and diamonds to please any women. Diamond rings now available from only $350!

Affiliate marketers who do well to generate sales will be laughing all the way to the bank, month after month! So join the team by applying here to become an affiliate of Moijey and you can start earning 10% commission on these highly-priced jewelry products.

Classic Men’s Watch – 20% Commission

Black Classic Stormont Men's WatchThe classic man. He’s smart ‘cause he’ll tell you things you’ve never heard of before. He’s a gentleman ‘cause he’s always pleasantly mannered. It’s not just about his fashion style, but a classic man is one at heart. In honor of all the classic men, Stormont has a sophisticated collection of classic men’s watches.

Interchangeable straps, waterproof resistance, and a precision finish. Priced from £180, these high-quality contemporary watches were designed to reinvent the classic and they certainly do speak to the 21st Century classic man. 

Want to earn a hefty commission of 20% on sales? Then join the Stormont affiliate program now!

Fashion & Fine Jewelry – 15% Commission

Fashion and Fine Jewelry ProductsWhat would we do without Valentine’s Day? I mean after an eventful holiday season, then comes January. Thanks to Valentine’s Day, we all have something to look forward to early on in the year.

A little bit of love and sparkle goes a long way. Thanks to Eazideal Jewelry Galore you can spread the love with amazing fashion and fine jewelry pieces that will be treasured from the heart.

Another great opportunity for affiliate marketers to earn some decent change. But before you can start earning, you will need to register as an affiliate of Eazideal Jewelry Galore.

Sea Themed Silver Jewelry – 10% Commission

Sea Themed Fashion Jewelry

Sea lovers know its powerful therapeutic nature. Everything about it makes life seem alright. Carry the wonders of the sea with you when you wear an attractive piece of silver jewelry from 7Seas Jewelry.

This marine themed jewelry brand boasts a collection of refreshing pieces that features many of the wonderful attractions of the sea. Fish, coral, turtles and so much more.

There is a wave of affiliate marketers beginning to target jewelry items. So board the wagon before it gets too crowded, and go sign up with 7Seas Jewelry to become a jewelry marketer.

Men’s Jewelry – 10% Commission

Classy Men's JewelryJewelry was once quite uncommon among men. However, current fashion trends boast wide collections of men’s jewelry. Men are rocking jewelry quite attractively. And stores like StreetGuild are dedicated to serving high-quality jewelry for men.

From bold rings to attractive bracelets, you can spoil the man in your life with a little bling at affordable prices. Definitely Valentine’s gift-worthy.

Affiliates have the chance to earn a commission of 10% on sales. First, make sure that you are affiliated with StreetGuild, then promote their jewelry goods on your blog or even on your social media feeds.

Engraved Semi-Precious Gems – 25% Commission

Unique Engraved Gems Jewelry

What says “I love you” more than a sentimental message inscribed on a semi-precious gem. Consider these pieces of engraved jewelry as one of the latest revolutions.

If you have a special someone in your life that you would like to sweep off her feet, then spoil her with an unforgettable gift that will be treasured for a lifetime from Nano Jewelry. A 24k Nano inscription on a charming gem on her neck will say “I love you” in a big way.

How about engraving some profits in your bank account? Affiliates of Nano Jewelry earn a tasty commission of 25% for every sale, but would first need to be registered on the affiliate program.

Lovable Valentine’s Jewelry – 15% Commission

Love Inspired Jewelry Products

Why is it only okay to be super cute and even a little corny in the name of love on Valentine’s Day? Why not treat every day like Valentine’s Day. So if you’re looking for jewelry gifts with a super cute factor, then you’ll find lovable pieces from EverMarker of Instjewelry.

From matching “his beauty” and “her beast” bracelets to angel heart key necklace and lock bracelet set – couples can celebrate their love with pieces of sweetness. Definitely for those young at heart. 

Don’t forget to treat yourself to some love by affiliating with EverMarker and earning commissions of 15% on your sales.

Now that wraps up our guide to the latest jewelry products to promote as an affiliate marketer. We hope you now have some ammo to go about your jewelry marketing adventure. But before we close the curtains – we know a few of you probably only made it this far because of the promise we made at the start of the article.

That’s right! We promised to share with you more awesome affiliate marketing programs if you stuck with us until the end.

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