Introducing the LeadDyno x Wix One-Click Integration

As consumers move almost all forms of commerce online, businesses and professionals need a website and platform to support their digital presence and help them manage interactions with customers. One company leading the charge in this space is Wix.

Wix was founded in 2006 on the belief that the Internet should be accessible to everyone to develop, create and contribute. Wix’s website builder and e-commerce platform has more than 197 million registered users worldwide. Using their platform you can choose from one of 500 online store templates and customize them with your own designs. They also enable you to add products to your store, connect your payment provider, setup shipping, and choose a custom domain. Now, you’ll also be able to launch your own affiliate program for your Wix website using LeadDyno.

So what does this mean? Here is a quick rundown:

  • One-click setup straight from the Wix AppMarket
  • No developer time needed
  • Quick and easy visitor, lead and conversion tracking
  • Unlimited affiliates & sales
  • Branded affiliate website
  • Management of affiliates, commissions, & payouts

How How do I integrate my Wix website with LeadDyno? Glad you asked. To get started with one-click, simply add LeadDyno directly from the Wix AppMarket and let the selling begin!

LeadDyno provides all the tools you need to start, manage, and grow your affiliate program.

  • We provide you with a branded affiliate management portal website
  • Ability to create your own commission plan
  • Simple Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) setup
  • Seamless affiliate commission payouts using PayPal, Coinbase, and more

Simple affiliate onboarding

LeadDyno simplifies affiliate recruitment with easy onboarding. Each of your affiliates will get access to their own Affiliate Dashboard with everything they need to promote your store and products including:

  • Receiving a direct sign-in link to their dashboard
  • Downloading a mobile app to track their sales or share content
  • Easy link sharing with tracking for Facebook, Instagram & more
  • Tools to engage your affiliates and grow your program

Keep your affiliates engaged and motivated with these features

  • Ability to send affiliate newsletters
  • Create time-based incentives
  • Give affiliates access to a library of shareable content to promote your brand

Here is what our Wix clients say about us.

Read our blog post on 8 Reasons Why You Need a Wix Store Affiliate Program and get started with yours!

Start your Wix affiliate program today.

With one-click setup, an effective affiliate marketing program can build trust and brand awareness, expand your audience, boost your ROI, and take your company to a whole new level. 

If you’d like to implement an affiliate marketing program for your Wix store, head to Wix AppMarket to find LeadDyno’s affiliate tracking software. Launch and grow your affiliate marketing program with a month-to-month plan that includes the help and resources you need for setup.

About LeadDyno
LeadDyno is a leader in affiliate tracking software. Ready to launch your own affiliate program? It’s easier than you think. Get started today.

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