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Our tracking software will allow you to track leads, sales and manage your own affiliate program while selling on Squarespace.

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Get your affiliate or referral program setup with our Squarespace integration. In a few minutes your affiliate program will be ready to share with your fans.

More than affiliate tracking

LeadDyno is more than just affiliate program software. Start tracking sales, affiliates, and your other marketing campaigns from one dashboard.

Automate your marketing

Customers can be the best affiliates. Automatically invite your Squarespace customers who to join your referral program.

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Increase sales with a referral program.

LeadDyno helps your business grow faster by providing you tools to track sales, marketing campaigns and pay affiliates for their referrals.

New to affiliate marketing? View our overview of how LeadDyno works.

How it works
Setup Affiliate Commisison Plan

Easy tools to setup your affiliate or referral program

Choose the commissions and how you want to pay your affiliates.

Bulk pay affiliates easily with Paypal or other payment integrations.

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Setup squarespace affiliate program

Simply copy and paste to get started

Add your LeadDyno tracking code into two places in your Squarespace account to get started. No technical experience required.

View our guide to get started tracking visitors, leads, affiliates and sales in your Squarespace website.

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Why we love Squarespace

Squarespace has made it easy for those without any development background to build and manage your own website. It’s a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor so you can see any changes you make in real time. Their SaaS website builder tool geared towards small business owners. 

It is a hosted solution so you don’t need to mess with setting up software on your own server. With their CMS system it’s really easy to design and setup your website using a template. The templates are beautiful and easy to adjust the colors and settings. Create a professional website along with an affiliate program in a few easy steps. To have your own affiliate program on Squarespace you will need to make sure you choose one of the Commerce plans.

How to start a Squarespace affiliate program

Squarespace is a great place to launch and grow your affiliate or referral program. The only thing required to start referral marketing is that you choose one of their Commerce plans which allow you to move beyond a simple website builder to actually create an e-Commerce store.

The technical process of setting up your Squarespace store is pretty straightforward but it does require you to copy some code from LeadDyno into your Squarespace store. Not to worry we have a Squarespace integration guide that will walk you through the process of implementing affiliate software code into your store.

Here is what our clients say about us.

LeadDyno has been one of the best rated affiliate program software company since 2014.

The real deal. This does everything it’s supposed to do. The team is exceptional at helping you get the most out if it through 1:1 sessions, which I didn’t expect given their price point.

5 stars7/19/2021

Trustpilot Review

We use LeadDyno to assign codes and payout for our Shopify-eCommerce store. It’s been a great experience thus far, and I cannot foresee ourselves switching over to a different platform. When our team reaches out to LeadDyno, a response is typically seen the following business day. I have very little to no complaints. The only feedback I would have is to increase visual content in the self-help guides (perhaps a video or gif files?).

5 stars


Trustpilot Review
Signal Relief

Prompt email service with prompt solutions. I was impressed how fast my request was resolved. I will be honest in the beginning I was struggling with set ups as I got used to “call someone and ask” and here I had to figure out how everything works. When I discovered and email support I changed my opinion on LeadDyno :)))

5 stars


Trustpilot Review

Great price and customer service. It’s easy to use, and it does everything we need it to do, which is track and pay affiliates.

5 stars


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