Recurly Affiliate Integration

Setup up an affiliate program on Recurly

Our tracking software will allow you to track sales and manage your own affiliate program while selling on Recurly.


Quick Setup

Get your affiliate or referral program setup on Recurly in just a few minutes. No technical experience required.

More than referral tracking

Start tracking clicks, leads, sales as well as your other marketing campaigns once you integrate Recurly with LeadDyno.

Automate your marketing

Automatically invite your customers who make purchases with Recurly to join your affiliate program.

Setup Affiliate Commisison Plan

Choose how you want to reward referrals.

Set your own commission structure while using Recurly. Pay affiliates commissions based on a variety of parameters.

Easily bulk pay affiliates with Paypal or other payment integrations.

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Ecwid Affiliate Dashboard

View and manage your Recurly referral program from a LeadDyno dashboard.

Your affiliate dashboard features all the information you need to start and grow your affiliate program while accepting recurring payments on Recurly.

LeadDyno includes features that help you engage, automate, analyze and reward your affiliates.

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recurly integration setup

Easy integration

Setup the integration from your Recurly account. The process takes about 5-10 minutes and does not require any technical experience. Our support team is also available to help you through the process.

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Here is what our clients say about us.

LeadDyno has been a popular affiliate tracking solution on Recurly since 2018.

LeadDyno is an easy to use tool for affiliates and those using an affiliate marketing system. Not only is every thing easy to use and fairly customizable, the customer service is excellent. They’re quick to resolve issues and answer questions and not to mention they provide some great how-to guides and documents to help make sense of all the great aspects of LeadDyno.

5 stars


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Amazing Team. They we’re very helpful and were able to assist quickly! I truly appreciated their help


5 stars

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Mike Fritz

The real deal. This does everything it’s supposed to do. The team is exceptional at helping you get the most out if it through 1:1 sessions, which I didn’t expect given their price point.

5 stars7/19/2021

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  • Why Recurly?

    Recurly is a subscription billing management platform. The platform enables businesses to process payments across various payment channels. Recurly is popular among Saas, Web 2.0, mobile, content and publishing businesses. Advantages of Recurly include reducing subscriber churn from unnecessary credit card declines as well as improve efficiencies by making allowing upgrades, downgrades, and refunds completed in just a few clicks.

  • How do I get started with Recurly?

    The Recurly integration with LeadDyno is fairly straightforward. To get started you just need a Recurly and LeadDyno account. We have solutions for both hosted and on-hosted pages. Connecting your Recurly and LeadDyno account should take less than 10 minutes.

    View our setup/installation process view our Recurly (hosted) setup guide or our Recurly (non-hosted setup guide).

  • Advantages

    Recurly is perfect for subscription-based businesses, such as online forums, newsletters, magazines, and content-based Internet pages. But it’s easy to make a subscription purchase simply using PayPal. Why should you think about integrating Recurly with LeadDyno? What are the inherent advantages?

    Personally, we believe that Recurly does a heck of a job with all of the little details about subscription purchases that many affiliate managers ignore. Recurly makes it easy to upgrade or downgrade an account, cancel a plan, set up 30-day trials, set up add-ons for each subscription—all while allowing you to create as many subscriptions as you please.

    But Recurly isn’t only about providing subscription-based purchases. It also helps with billing management, including helping you write invoices, pay taxes, and create coupons and discounts for your promotions.

    While Recurly is somewhat costly compared to other online payment vendors, we think the subscription support separates it from the rest. Many businesses thrive from subscription and annual purchases, and if you don’t have a first-rate vendor handling communication and fulfillment of these subscriptions, then you’re going to find yourself with some very irate customers.

    Integrating Recurly with LeadDyno also allows you to entice affiliates into your affiliate program—after all, affiliates love a good subscription purchase. When one sale yields commissions for months on end, there’s only more incentive to spread the word about your website, your products, and your services.

Start your Recurly affiliate program today.