Upload leads and affiliates to Klaviyo

Grow your affiliate program by using Klaviyo email and SMS marketing tools. Automatically upload captured leads or affiliates from your LeadDyno account to Klaviyo.

klaviyo affiliate integration
connect to klaviyo account

Easy integration

Getting started it easy. Authorize the Klaviyo integration from your LeadDyno account and insert your API key. No developer required.

Simple Configuration Options

Choose whether you want to upload leads and/or affiliates to your Klaviyo account. Synchronization options allow you to send all pre-existing contacts in your LeadDyno account to Klaviyo in one click.

Klaviyo affiliate setting
Import Affiliate Contacts Klaviyo

Instant Contact Creation

Once configured, all of your contacts will display in Klaviyo. Harness the power of Klaviyo email and SMS marketing tools and resources.


Grow your affiliate program today.