Upload Leads and Affiliates to Klaviyo

Grow your affiliate program by using Klaviyo email and SMS marketing tools. Automatically upload captured leads or affiliates from your LeadDyno account to Klaviyo.

Upload leads and affiliates to klaviyo
Upload leads and affiliates to klaviyo

Easy integration

Getting started is easy. Authorize the Klaviyo integration from your LeadDyno account and insert your API key. No developer required.

Simple Configuration Options

Choose whether you want to upload leads and/or affiliates to your Klaviyo account. Synchronization options allow you to send all pre-existing contacts in your LeadDyno account to Klaviyo in one click.

Upload leads and affiliates to klaviyo
Upload leads and affiliates to klaviyo

Instant Contact Creation

Once configured, all of your contacts will display in Klaviyo. Harness the power of Klaviyo email and SMS marketing tools and resources.


Why we love Klaviyo

Klaviyo is an email, SMS, and in-app marketing solution for e-commerce businesses. Over 30,000 companies currently use Klaviyo to send targeted email campaigns based on factors such as purchase and viewing history, location, date, or how customers interacted with previous emails. Use pre-made templates or create your own with HTML and add dynamic data to automate and personalize the messages sent to individual customers. Klaviyo claims that e-commerce stores who switch to their service see an average of 67x increase in ROI.

How to Integrate Klaviyo and LeaDyno

The only requirement to start automatically uploading your leads and affiliates is an account with both Klaviyo and LeadDyno. The integration process is easy and only requires copy/pasting an API key from Klaviyo to LeadDyno. For a full integration guide, read our Klaviyo integration guide.

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