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Setup up an affiliate program on BigCommerce

Our tracking software will allow you to track sales and manage your own affiliate program while selling on BigCommerce.


One-Click Setup

Our affiliate app is available on the BigCommerce app store making install easy. Start your affiliate or referral program setup on BigCommerce in one-click.

More than affiliate tracking

Start tracking clicks, leads, sales as well as other marketing campaigns for your BigCommerce storefront in your LeadDyno dashboard.

Automate your marketing

Customers can be the best affiliates. Automatically invite your customers who make purchase on your BigCommerce store to join your affiliate program.

View and manage your affiliate program in BigCommerce.

Your affiliate dashboard features all the information you need to start and grow your affiliate program on BigCommerce.

LeadDyno includes features that help you engage, automate, analyze and reward your affiliates.

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bigcommerce commission plan

Simple tools to reward affiliates on BigCommerce

You set the commissions and how you want to pay your affiliates.

Bulk pay affiliates easily with Paypal or other payment integrations.

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Here is what LeadDyno clients say about us.

LeadDyno has been one of those most popular affiliate software companies on BigCommerce since 2017.

Before LeadDyno we were manually managing our affiliates…. and it was a nightmare! LeadDyno has been a life saver (and most of all… a TIME saver)! Every affiliate has their own dashboard and can see their referral traffic and commisions at any time. Managing and paying affiliates has never been easier. We set up the rules/commissions however we want. Also, because of their amazing integration with Big Commerce, we don’t even spend time trying to encourage customers to sign up as an affiliate. After initial set up… LeadDyno takes care of the the that automagically. We have more affiliates than ever with a lot less effort. More affiliates = more traffic = more conversions. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Seriously the best app we have ever used for affiliate tracking

We absolutely love this app! It is an incredible tool and super easy to use both for us and our affiliates. Set up was a breeze. Compared to previous services….it has been issue free! Support is easy to contact and very responsive. Wouldn’t go back to any other service after using LeadDyno. Five Stars PLUS!

Amazing App!

We are always looking for ways to expand the reach of our product and an affiliate program seemed like a natural step towards this endeavor. LeadDyno has EXACTLY what we were looking for… a way for our affiliates to use a coupon code to earn commissions! This is an efficient, easy to manage platform that has allowed us to integrate affiliates without the stress of a complicated program. Their customer service gets an A++++++, too! Upon signing up we had some questions on a few things, and Adam from customer support was able to answer them all quickly and clearly. We will be recommending LeadDyno to anyone looking to add affiliates to their business, it’s the BEST platform out there!

OVE LOVE LOVE this App!!

We just add LeadDyno to our store. We love the simplicity of adding  the app to our website.  It was easy to install to our site. Adding new affiliates was also very easy. The communication tools available to work with the affiliates is extensive. LeadDyno dashboard is useful for both us and for affiliates. Additionally, the Chat Now has been really helpful! It’s a great resource for both the simple questions and the more in depth questions! Add this app today to help grow your affiliate team and increase sales!

Just installed LeadDyno and I love it!
  • Why BigCommerce?

    BigCommerce is a leading e-commerce platform which allows you create an online store to sell physical, digital and service based products. Affiliate managers enjoy BigCommerce for the following reasons:

    • Sell across multiple channels: BigCommerce store owners can easily sell their products across channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
    • Highly scalable: Perfect e-commerce solution for fast growing or large businesses.
    • App store: BigCommerce features an app store with tons of options to improve your store management, customization, accounting tools, marketing, shipping, and themes.
  • How to get started with BigCommerce

    BigCommerce makes it easy to get started. Once you have a BigCommerce and LeadDyno account our affiliate program app can be installed in one-click with no developer required.

    To get an overview of the setup/installation process view our BigCommerce integration guide.

Start your BigCommerce affiliate program today.

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