Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses

Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms, which is why businesses are flocking to market their brands on it. It has an engagement rate that’s fifty times that of Facebook’s!

It also appeals to millennials, who are the target market for most brand’s these days. That’s why it’s non-negotiable that your brand targets the platform. However, it does have its drawbacks.

We’re here to take you through both sides in this blog.

Visual Referencing

Pictures and videos allow you to show your target audience exactly you offer. Instagram is an exemplar of using the concept of ‘seeing is believing’ to effectively introduce product and services to the world.

User Engagement

Instagram allows you to track a slew of user engagement metrics; you can use this information to increase your followers, while also assessing if a strategy is working for you or not.

Additionally, you can reap the monetary benefits from its popularity among millennials. Instagram’s user-base has grown by a factor of 11 in the last five years. Furthermore, millennials’ spending power has also increased over the years, which means that if you use this platform to target them, you will get the sales you need.

Easier Connections through #Hashtags

Instagram allows you to leverage many discoverability features through the power of hashtags. These make it significantly easier for you to connect to new followers and extend your reach.

They also help you cut down on costs while still reaching 150+ million regular Instagrammers.

Location Tags

The location tagging feature allows you to increase your interactions with other users. Local hashtags have proven to increase the engagement of your posts by up to 79%.


One other feature that Instagram offers is the opportunity to leverage affiliate marketing for your products. This is particularly helpful because most consumers demand social proof before actually making a purchase.

If you arrange affiliate programs for different products, you will not only get multiple leads and generate sales but also gain popularity on the web.

Some Disadvantages

However, many other businesses have jumped on the Instagram wagon and have started marketing their products on it, which can be detrimental to the growth of your firm. Additionally, you’re unable to add a URL in captions, which can negatively affect your sales.

However, you can deal with all of these problems by adding value and making your business stand out with the help of influencers. You can also add a URL in the bio so that isn’t much of an issue either.

You can also get affiliate marketing software for your products and services by contacting us. Keep track of your engagements and leads in the most organized manner!

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