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Ahh… another awesome perk if you are a LeadDyno member. We are giving you a comped invitation to the first Influencer Marketing Training Summit for e-commerce merchants! If you would like to accept this heartwarming invitation, then click right here to access the exclusive summit now.

Thanks to our sponsorship of the summit, you can now access interviews with 18 experts on influencer and social media marketing. And it will cost you absolutely nothing!

That’s right!

Get your hands on Influencer Marketing Training for FREE!

If you want unprecedented access to 3 days, 18 guest speakers and 15 hours of video training of influencer marketing information, then simply click on the pretty pink banner below:

But what if you are not registered with LeadDyno?

Then you had better register with us quickly to take advantage of this free access pass. But first, let’s take a look at what you could be missing out on.

Starting with Brett’s (LeadDyno) Keynote Speech on Influencer Marketing!

I (Brett) sat down with conference host Caroline Balinska for a full hour to talk influencer and affiliate marketing strategies. In our 60 minute session we discussed:

  • How affiliate marketing differs from influencer marketing.
  • Trends, best practices and the future of this sales strategy.
  • Attractive commission percentages that will get influencers’ attention.
  • The best tools for launching and scaling an influencer marketing program.

My full keynote speech is available to you for free! Plus, you also get the insights of 17 other top marketing experts.

If you want to jump straight in there, then click right here to access the summit now.

Access the Entire Influencer Marketing Training Sessions

Learn what is relevant NOW in social media influencer marketing for e-commerce store owners.

Want to know what this Summit will connect you with?

Then take a look:

  • 18 amazing guest speakers.
  • 3 days packed with great conference video information.
  • Over 15 hours of video training.
  • Special access to top e-commerce & influencer experts.
  • The latest expert advice on how to scale your online store.
  • The best influencer marketing apps to help you succeed.
  • Meet the influencers who can help you to promote your products.
  • Exclusive interviews and also Q&A sessions with the world’s leading marketing experts.

And with all that wealth of expert guidance – you will then be able to grow your own store with the help of social media influencers.

So, what are you waiting for?

Enter the summit now.

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