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Influencer Marketing Platform Transcript

First, we will look at the affiliate dashboard and the influencer marketing platform from that of your affiliate’s perspective. So I’m gonna show you how your affiliates will get access to their unique referral link, how they’ll be able to share that link easily on social media, track their own progress, get paid, even get your affiliate dashboard on to their own phones via our mobile app as well.

So everything for your affiliate standpoint first, and then what we will do we will flip the script, we’ll put on our affiliate manager hats and that’s where I am gonna take you into LeadDyno, show you one of my own LeadDyno accounts, get you to feel for everything that is available in the system, and then also give you some couple tips, tricks, best practices, help you leverage LeadDyno to the greatest extent that you can there.

In terms of what I’ve got for you…I’m gonna go fast. We’ll cover a lot of ground. I will go for about 12 or so minutes. The rest of the time is yours as you would like it. So I’ll stay as long as you would like me to. We can either cover your questions on the fly, or afterward, or some combination of that. So if you do have thoughts, go ahead and take them into that go to the webinar window, use that question screen. I’ll keep an eye on it as I go. And again I’ll either work in your questions throughout or afterward. Again, I do this life, really for you so you can take advantage of that. So if you want to have me demo anything specific either during or after, let me know.

With that, we’ll go ahead and get rolling. So this is the affiliate dashboard for one of our partners. So I’m gonna back up a half step, this is an affiliate program that I’m running for one of our sister companies. So I’m using LeadDyno to run this program as well. The dashboard you’re looking at here is for Sam. Sam’s a partner of ours, a partner in our industry. This dashboard basically gives him everything that he needs to promote our site, our product, and it is also unique to Sam as well. So each one of our affiliates has an affiliate dashboard that looks like this.


So first and foremost, what Sam has is a unique referral link here. He can copy and paste this link and put it anywhere where he would like. In his case, he’s got a website, so he can post it there, he can post it to his blog, in his email newsletter and then also in his social media channels. I also have some social media shortcuts for him to make life even easier. So with one click, he can simply hit that Facebook button. What this will do is it will log him into Facebook and will tee up this post. And with an additional click, Sam can share this out to his Facebook friends and followers. They will see this come through their respective Facebook feeds. As these folks click through or tap through, Sam will get credit for those referrals.

Same idea on Twitter. So to share on Twitter, we hit the tweet button. This will log them into Twitter. It tees up a tweet. The tweet was written by me. So I have got things that are locked and loaded for our affiliates to be able to take advantage of. This tweet will then go out to Sam’s followers. Same thing with Facebook as they see them come through their tweet streams as they click-through. He’s got his affiliate link in there, he’ll get credit for those referrals.

All right, as folks are clicking through, he’s gonna see his progress reflected here. So he’s gotten credit for sending us almost 1,700 unique visitors to date. Out of those, 22 of them have opted in, 11 of these folks have purchased. Thanks to these purchases, Sam has earned some commissions here as well. So he’s got another $50 due to him at the end of July. He’s got some money due for upcoming months and then here’s what he’s gonna be paid out to date.

A word about our commissions. Typically, we’re going to pay a percentage of the sale and we’re gonna do it on a purchase. That’s the most common ways to pay. LeadDyno itself does support a variety of nuances on the commission plan side. So if you’re looking to set up some sort of recurring commission plan to support a subscription, a product, we do have the ability to do that. We can send up for each product commission for Shopify and big commerce folks.

We can also set up multi-level commission plans for folks looking around on multi-level affiliate program. So let us know what you’re thinking and if you have questions on how either to set up your commission structure or what to offer, what might be compelling to folks in your industry, we can help you out with both of those.

A final note on the affiliate dashboard. This is all available from our mobile app as well. So you can get your affiliate dashboard on to all of your affiliates’ phones using our affiliate dashboard app here. This will give them the ability then to basically access the dashboard, everything you just saw there from the convenience of their own phones there.

Okay, let’s get into LeadDyno itself. Now, let me show you where we do all of this initial setup. I’m gonna go through our content section and a few of our key tools. This is where we set up the affiliate website. I’m in the content tab over on the left, it’s about halfway now. So we can go with a mobile-friendly version, we can set our color scheme, we can get our logo in there, you can even put their entire affiliate dashboard that I just showed you on your own domain if you would like. And then everything throughout the header, from the introduction to the instructions, these are all customizable. So you can just type in new text down here if you would like. You can insert images, you can insert links, you can update the HTML directly.

Custom fields are available. So if you want to collect additional info from your affiliate’s upfront, that would be on our landing page. We are also giving you an opt-in page to collect new affiliates. If you want to grab more information that we have available on that the default page here, you can add custom affiliate fields here. And then finally, if you’re looking to get your affiliates to opt into terms of service agreement as they join, we do have this available right here as well.

The social content is customizable as well. So the tweet that I showed you when Sam clicks that tweet button or any affiliate clicks that tweet button, you can dial that in here. I like to write the social content initially and then keep it fresh every so often. So I think if you can update it periodically, that’s a nice thing to do for your affiliates so that the folks who go to social media often and are sharing the stuff often have something that they can get out there. Same idea with Facebook. So we’ve got the contents of that the Facebook post here. So as the affiliates share this on Facebook, this can be the title of it, this will be the body that they are sharing.

Moving on to our toolbox here. So few of our key tools. We got the ability to write an affiliate newsletter, so you can compose it from within the LeadDyno. This is a recent affiliate newsletter that I sent out. So I’ll show you an example. We send it out, so our affiliates are going to receive this directly in their email inbox. This is showing them how they can share their affiliate link on Instagram. So giving them a heads up how they can plug in the affiliate link into their Instagram profile. This is the type of stuff that we’re talking about with our newsletter. So we’re giving them a heads up on things that are new and kind of helping them share so that they got stuff that they can take out there to social media and ultimately get rewarded for sharing.

We can also send out automated emails. So I’ve got some automated emails. These are nice because these are firing off from the system and these are going out based on certain events, and I don’t have to sit there and send each one, of course. They’re going out automatically from LeadDyno. So, for example, when a new affiliate signs up with us we’ve got a welcome email that will give affiliates their affiliate link as well as the link into their affiliate dashboard. So, basically, we are giving them everything that they need to get up and running.

We can also let them know how they did for the week. So the number of visitors, leads, and purchases that each got credit for. I also send affiliates emails every time they get credit for a new referral and these are all customizable. To enable it, if you want to do the same, just click the checkbox, and tweak the email as you would like. And then again these are going to go out to affiliates who are selling for you, keeping them engaged, letting them know that they’re getting credit for the sales that they’re earning affiliate commissions in real time.

Okay, so let’s move on to affiliate recruitment. So this will be our last big topic but I know a very popular one. Everyone wants to know how we can ramp up our affiliate program, get access to affiliates, and get folks to promote for us on that commission-only basis. So we’ve got a couple techniques for you, a couple resources for you to take advantage of. The first is our affiliate invitation email. This is an email that’s going to go out from LeadDyno. It’s going to reach out to your new customers as they buy from you, let them know about your affiliate program and invite them to join that program.

So it’s a nice way to get two for one or you have got a new customer. What we want to do is we want to see if we can turn that person into a new affiliate of yours at the same time. So this is a really nice way to grow your program organically. I think we’ve been really happy with the uptake. It’s been really successful for us in terms of turning our customers into affiliates, so this is something that I would encourage you to take advantage.

We also have affiliate networks and perhaps even more exciting affiliates and influencers who are already promoting products like yours and looking for products like yours. We can get you featured in front of them. To join ECA, click on the network tab in the lower left, that will get you set up with a profile on No cost to use for LeadDyno users. So it’s free to join and we’ll even get you a featured for free as well.

So let me know if you go through the process of joining the network and setting up your profile. And I’d love to get you featured in a newsletter that’s going out to our affiliates here. So let me know when you get signed up, so I can get you out in front of our affiliates here.

This is a look at our categories. We have shown you what this looks like, what we’ve got, the feature of your product and especially your affiliate program over here on the right side. When affiliates get newsletters featuring your program, I give them a direct link to the apply button so they can I just hit that apply button, join your program and they’ll be granted access to your program right away if you got auto access on. So, again, a nice way to get to affiliates, influencers in your industry, let me know when you do sign up so that I can make sure we could feature there.

And then the final thing I’ll show you when it’s time to pay our folks. So I will actually do…I’m going to be doing some payments today being the end of the month here. So what I will do, I usually pay our affiliates through the end of the previous month so in this case to June 30th. Lauri here, I can pay with PayPal if I hit the PayPal button and I’ll TF the Paypal payment for me to her for the $605.20 that I owe her. Other options to pay, PayPal Mass. It will let me pay everyone at once. If I actually want to pay with Bitcoin I could use her coinbase integration or if I’m cutting a good old-fashioned check, I could just marker off as manually paid here as I will do for this person here, that will X them out and then bring everyone else up to the top.

Okay. So covered a lot of ground. I haven’t taken your questions. Now go ahead and type those into that go to the webinar window. Let me show you how to get additional support. Actually, I gotta clear my cache here and for some reason LeadDyno not loading there. So let me get you hooked up with our contact page. Phone, email, and live chat, we’re actually up to seven days a week now. Just boosted that in June. So every day, we will have someone in line tomorrow for the July 4th holiday as well. So you can get help in real time, live chat in the lower right on the website seen within LeadDyno itself. Phone or email info is available here as well.

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