Influencer Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

With the steady increase in ad block applications by internet users on their browsers, it’s very apparent that other avenues need to be explored to reach consumers. There is no wonder that influencer campaigns are trending as of lately. It’s not just a bandwagon trend but a tried and tested model which is being used to elevate marketing campaigns and make outreach more effective.  

92% internet users are more likely to trust recommendations from individuals over brands. How can you use influencer marketing to make it work in your favor? There are many lessons to be learned from brands that have gotten it right. A good influencer marketing strategy will help you solve your marketing problems by reaching the right audience. But a few errors along the way can dismantle your efforts.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid so you can make sure your influencer marketing strategy stays on point.

Not having a goal for your campaign

You don’t have to be a pro at marketing to know that without a goal in mind, you’re swimming in shallow waters. This is true for influencer marketing campaign as well. Without a goal defined at the beginning of your campaign you’re going to have an extremely tough time trying to navigate your performance and how you should go about trying g to measure it.

Without a goal, you’re also likely to have a tough time executing other steps of the campaign. For example, knowing who the right influencers you should be looking for.

Keeping up with inauthentic communication

When it comes to the kind of communication being disseminated in your campaign, you need to make sure it’s authentic to your brand. The one thing consumers on the internet are good at doing, is knowing when they’re being trolled. Also, clichéd statements tend to get lost in the large amounts of information being churned out anyway, so it’s better to go for more personalized messages being sent out to the audience.

Not knowing that an influencer is not your property

A lot of brands don’t focus on building relationships with the influencer in the first place, and hence by proxy also fail to connect to the audience. Know that you’re just as dependent on your influencer as they are on you. Always work in collaboration with plenty of input from your influencer about what they think will work and what won’t.

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