How To Use PPC For Affiliate Recruitment


Affiliate marketing has come a long way since its Wild West days in the early stages of the internet. It’s encountered bumps along the road since then, but in 2021, it’s come back stronger than ever and is poised for continued growth in the coming years. 

Affiliate marketing is so integral to a business’s growth these days that an estimated 80% of branded companies utilize affiliate programs to generate sales and grow their brand recognition. Additionally, spending on affiliate marketing is growing 10% each year. That’s why both established and emerging companies must make affiliate recruitment a priority to keep up with the competition.

One of the most tried and true forms of affiliate marketing is PPC or pay-per-click.

What Is PPC Marketing?

PPC is a form of marketing in which companies offer commissions to affiliates based on their viewers clicking on their advertisements. This type of marketing is typically seen from affiliates who have websites, such as blogs. 

One of the most popular forms of PPC advertising is generated through search engines, including Google Ads. They typically appear when a consumer is searching for something to buy or research. Several advertisements will appear at the top of the search related to the consumer’s search. If a consumer clicks on a company’s ad, then the company will pay a fee to the website Google, in this case.

However, potential affiliates also use these search engines to look for affiliate programs to join. Using the same advertising tactics when looking for consumers, you can help your affiliate recruitment by driving ideal affiliates to your website.

The Benefits of Using PPC for Affiliate Recruitment

1. It’s a Win-Win Model

One of the most significant benefits of PPC advertising is that you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. As opposed to the pay-per-impression model — where you pay simply because an ad was seen — PPC advertisements require that someone visit your site to necessitate payment. In this scenario, you’re assured that you’re getting something tangible for your money.

2. It Targets Affiliates at the Right Time

With PPC marketing, It’s all about time and reaching the right audience. A company can adjust their PPC advertising to reach their specific consumers when they’re almost ready to buy; the same goes for targeting desirable affiliates. If you do your research and know when most of your affiliates are searching and signing up for programs, then you can adjust your PPC advertisements to show up more often during that time. This ensures a higher click-through rate, increasing your chances of attracting great affiliates.

3. It Increases Brand Awareness

Part of successfully building brand awareness is to ensure your brand is associated with other top brands. PPC advertising puts a company’s brand alongside top brands when they appear on websites. Seeing a company advertised repeatedly increases both an affiliate’s interest over time and the likelihood that they’ll visit your website to learn more about your affiliate program.

A PPC Guide for Affiliate Recruitment

1. Target Your Ideal Affiliates

It’s the same with affiliates as it is with consumers: targeting the right ones is what will help you be successful. Just like everyone else, affiliates use popular websites like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And also like everyone else, companies use these sites to send them targeted advertising.

Using a PPC advertising strategy puts your website right in front of the affiliates with whom you want to work. While running a PPC campaign, you can use niche keywords + “affiliate” for more accurate targeting. Including this with a headline and description will drive the right affiliates to your website so that you are recruiting affiliates that are best suited to your brand. This ensures that a company’s relationship with a new affiliate starts strong

2. Highlight Your Offerings

Much as you would to a potential consumer, you want to lead with your best. Introduce your company in your PPC advertisement but also let them know what you offer.

A company that is offering goods or services at a discount would highlight that fact in an advertisement. What affiliates are looking for is a good commission. If you’re working on improving your affiliate recruitment, then you will see a benefit in advertising some of what you offer potential affiliates. Let them know right away how successful they can be working with you. 

3. Cast a Wide(ish) Net

Of course, you want to zero in on your ideal affiliates, but it’s also beneficial to expand your network. Using various keywords and demographic preferences to entice a wider array of affiliates will help you reach broader audiences and possibly expand your business beyond your current niche.

4. Reach Out to Your Customer Base

Your consistent customers already love you, but maybe they don’t know yet that they can also make money with you. When targeting potential affiliates, be sure to advertise to your current customer base. Perhaps some customers are just starting as affiliates, or have only ever thought about it, or are possibly already thriving and just hadn’t thought of checking out your company’s affiliate program yet. Let them know that they can be more than just customers with you, and they’ll promote you more than anyone.

5. Bring Them to Your Website With a Call to Action

Once you’ve targeted the ideal possible affiliates and let them know what you can offer, you need to give them the final reason to click your banner and learn more about your affiliate program. A call to action (CTA) is an inspiring summation that reminds consumers and affiliates what they’re looking for and how you can offer it.

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