How To Use Facebook For Affiliate Marketing

Stay active, get likes and keep your social media reach growing – that’s how Facebook helps you develop in successful affiliate marketing!

Social media is a platform where people from every corner of the globe connect on the internet. It serves a huge opportunity for you to engage and attract people to your website, products and most importantly, your affiliate offer.

Here’s how you can use Facebook for doing so:

Set up a Facebook Page

This is the very first steps towards marketing your business. When you log in, click on small wheels at the top right hand side of the screen and select ‘Create a Page’. Enter all details there; such as your business name, information about the company, and the services you offer. While doing so, make sure that you do not cram the space with keywords. Enter a couple of to-the-point sentences.

SEO for your Facebook Page

Once your page reaches 25 ‘likes’, you get an option of creating a custom vanity URL. Search engines put weight on URLs, so keep it relevant by using your brand/company name. Building backlinks is another way to boost your Facebook page’s SEO. Regular status update will also help in increasing your page’s ranking on Google.

Google places the most value on the first work, so make sure that the first word is a keyword.

Get Likes

Getting many likes will help you grow your following and create a strong customer base. Unfortunately, not all likes will do. You need engaging ‘likes’ for the multiplier to work. That means that people who are going to follow your page, continue to like, and share your content and update it with their friends. If you have an email list from your affiliate website, send out an email letting them know that you now have a Facebook page.

Be careful not be pushy. Give them information, but don’t tell them what to do.

Engage with Fans

Gaining engaging likes is one thing, and keeping them is another. But it’s just as important. Keep up the quality of your posts as you go. Don’t post too much; don’t post too little. Make your quantity post just right. Unless yours is a page for news, 1 to 4 posts per day is a good goal. Keep your posts upbeat, snappy and to the point while maintaining a style of content that the viewers are expecting.

Direct Facebook Traffic to Affiliate Offers

Now is the time to get down to business. Make sure that what you’re promoting is your affiliate site, rather than a direct sale. This is the time to turn traffic into leads. You’ll be able to expand your email marketing list which is essential for you to build as an affiliate.

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