How to Start an Affiliate Program on Your Website

Having an affiliate program is the best way to boost your website traffic, promote your products, and increase sales without breaking your marketing budget. However, before rushing into affiliate marketing, you need to know how you can prepare to put an effective affiliate program in place in order to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Decide on an Affiliate Management Solution

You can find thousands of affiliate management solutions on the web offering efficient technology to run your program. However, you should thoroughly analyze different options before choosing the right one. Typically, you may have the following options to choose from:

Custom Software

Custom software is a proprietary program developed and hosted on your own server. This can be the right option for companies with very specific requirements that are not served by other solutions.

Affiliate Network

Affiliate network is the most expensive, yet most effective affiliate management solution. By charging a flat monthly fee or a percentage of sales, these networks can handle all your affiliate sales transactions, commission payment process, and related analytical data. The greatest advantage of joining affiliate networks is that you can reach out to thousands of affiliates as soon as your offer is made available on the network.

Develop Your Affiliate Structure

Once you have chosen your affiliate management solution, you need to decide your affiliate structure. In particular, you need to consider:

Terms and Conditions – The terms and conditions may include matters related to payment, ethical issues, marketing channels, and so on.

Commission and Payment – Being the key motivational factor, you should offer reasonable amount of commission for each sale your affiliates bring in order to form long term relationship with profitable affiliates and generate greater returns in the long run.

Create Promotional Materials

You should develop your own ads, banners, and other marketing materials to ensure a reliable and consistent flow of information throughout the network. This may also ease the burden on your affiliates which may help them promote your products or services more efficiently. You can place all marketing materials in a dedicated section on your website or other convenient location from where your affiliates can find them easily.

Recruit Affiliates

Affiliates are the backbone of your affiliate program. Therefore, recruiting promising affiliates is crucial to promote your product effectively and achieve desired results. You can use blogs, email, social media, PPC, and SEO tools and techniques to spread information about your program and develop an efficient team of affiliates.

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