How to pay affiliate commissions

How to Pay affiliates

A good sign that your affiliate program is working is when the number of “Commissions Due” in your LeadDyno dashboard starts growing. Whether you pay affiliates weekly or monthly our goal is to make payout process quick and easy. All payouts are initiated from the Commissions tab in your LeadDyno account.

Affiliate commissions due

Payout Methods

LeadDyno currently offers three methods of affiliate payouts

1. Paypal

Paypal is our most popular and most straightforward method for paying affiliate commissions. Paypal is set up by default in all LeadDyno accounts. To pay an affiliate, click the Paypal button and it will prompt you to log in to your Paypal account. To start paying all your affiliates in bulk, add our Paypal MassPay integration.

Paypal commissions

2. Coinbase

Start offering affiliate commission payouts in Bitcoin. Our Coinbase integration allows you to pay affiliates from your Coinbase account. Pay your affiliates using any of your cryptocurrency wallets, including BitcoinEthereum, XRP, USDC, XLM, and many more. Setting  up the Coinbase integration is easy and can be completed in a few clicks. Once integrated, quickly pay affiliates with cryptocurrencies by clicking the Coinbase button on the Commissions page For more information, view our Coinbase integration guide.

coinbase affiliate payments

3. Manual

With the manual payment option, it is possible to pay affiliates however you want and mark your commissions as paid in your LeadDyno account. A few reasons why to use the manual payment option:

  • Store Credit / Gift card – By offering affiliates payouts as a store credit, you can offer a higher commission, which is great for affiliates, and it won’t cost you more to do it.
  • Wire transfer – Some affiliates have limitations on payments based on their country or the commission amounts.
  • Venmo or other 3rd party payment service – Don’t want to use Paypal? Send affiliate commissions from whatever payment service you want.
  • Check – Send a check and mark the payment as paid in your LeadDyno dashboard.

To initiate a manual payment go to the Commissions tab and click Manual to mark an affiliate as paid.

manual affiliate commissions


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