How To Make Affiliate Links

How to Make Affiliate Links – Transcript

In this demo, I’ll show you how to make affiliate links in LeadDyno.

Let’s start with the page where affiliates can sign up to join our program. If you’ve got your own LeadDyno account, you also have your own affiliate signup page. You can customize it as I have done here, where you can put in your company colors, your logo, and then this is where we’re directing folks to get them signed up. Of course, you’re welcome to direct them. We can also help you out if you would like via our affiliate network. We’ll talk about that more in a little bit.

Staying on the affiliate thread. So as folks log in – that’s how to make affiliate links.

They will be passed through to what we call their “affiliate dashboard,” so this is unique to each affiliate and contains everything that he or she would need to promote your site and your product. So first and foremost, what we give them is a unique affiliate code and a classic affiliate link, so the link is gonna be the main way that they’re sending folks to your site. They can copy and paste this link and put it on their own website if they have one, on their own blog, any email communications that they have, and then, of course, on their social media pages as well. They will get credit for anyone who clicks through that link and ends up back on your website.

Their credit is going to be reflected in real time, so they can see that as well underneath their progress here. So the affiliate I’m showing you is Sam. Sam’s a blogger in our industry. So the nice thing about our affiliate dashboard here is that Sam’s able to see in real time that he has currently gotten credit for sending us 1,682 unique visitors. These are, again, the number of folks who have clicked through his link. Out of those, 22 of them have opted in on our website, which means we also have an email address for them. Eleven of these folks have purchased, and then, thanks to these purchases, Sam has earned some commissions down here. So he’s currently due another $108.30, which will be paid out to him at the end of the month, and you can see he’s done real well to date, making $1,464 by being a part of our affiliate program.

The commissions are generally going to be paid as a percentage or a set dollar amount per purchase. You can set the amount. If you need help setting the amount, let us know. We can show you what others in your industry are doing, what others are having success with. We’ve also got ways that you can set up various nuances with your commission plans. If you wanna set up a recurring plan, you can do that. Multi-level plans are also possible. Per-product commission plans are possible for shop, all-time, big commerce folks. So let us know if you’ve got specific thoughts or things that you’re lookin’ to do there, and we can help out.

Finally, let’s go through our social media shortcuts here. So these are front and center for our affiliates, makes it really easy for them to share their link. For example, if Sam’s pressed for time, but he wants to share on Facebook, all he needs to do is click that Facebook button here. This is gonna log him in. It will tee up a post, which, with an additional click, will come through the Facebook feed of his friends and followers as if Sam posted it because he did. And then as folks click through or tap through, Sam will get credit for these clicks. Same idea on Twitter. He’s got 140 characters to work with, so he can tweet this out. And then, as his Twitter followers see this come through their tweet streams, as these folks click through or tap through, Sam will get credit for these referrals here.

A couple more things I wanna show you. Our Marketing Materials tab is where he can grab things like infographics and banner ads and such. We’ve got the Creative embedded here. We’ve got his affiliate link embedded. So again, he’ll get credit for anyone who clicks through these banners, so he can post these to his website as well if he would like. And then, finally, I have an archive of affiliate newsletters here. These are gonna land directly in our affiliate’s email inbox.

Showing you an example of what one looks like, so this is an email that went out to our affiliates kinda advertising, letting them know that we now have everything that you just saw available in a convenient mobile app as well, which is a nice segue. So that, you know, everything that I just showed you is available for your affiliates via our affiliate dashboard app. So pretty simple to get this rolling, and it’s available for both Google Play and iTunes. They just download our app, put in their email address. We’ll match ’em up. We know they’re a member of your program, and they will be good to go from there. You can get everything that I just showed you on the affiliate dashboard from the convenience of their phone here as well.

All right, let’s flip over to the second half. I’m gonna take you through the setup of stuff I just showed ya, and then we will get into affiliate recruitment and get into your questions if you have any. So if you do have questions, go ahead and type those into that “GoToWebinar” window. We’ll get to those in about four or five minutes here. I’m gonna show you how to do all of that setup that we just talked about. So I’m gonna walk you through our Content section, which is about five down, so halfway down on the left side with LeadDyno itself. Everything’s basically customizable, so you can choose to go with our mobile-friendly version from here, you can select your color scheme, you can get your logo in here. You can even put the affiliate website on your own domain if you would like to do that.

Within the affiliate dashboard, everything from the header, to the introduction, to the instructions, all customizable here as well. To just change the text, you can just type in different texts, or you can also insert images, you can insert links, you can get to the HTML directly. We do support custom CSS, so if you wanna further style the page, you can do that. And if you want to do things such as require terms of service, you can define a terms of service agreement, and your affiliates will be prompted to opt in to this as they sign up on your website.

Also in our Content section, the Facebook post that I showed you, so the contents of that can be controlled by editing the contents. So this is going to be the title, other Facebook posts, this is the body, this is the URL that folks are clicking through to as they click your post. Same idea on Twitter. So we’ve got 140 characters to work with here, and then you can preload this content for them. So again, this is nice that our affiliates can just kinda click to share, and they don’t have to sit there and think about stuff if they’re pressed for time. In my experience, I find most affiliates do like to just kinda share and go, so it’s nice to have this content setup here and preloaded for them to run with.

Moving on to a few of our key tools. So we’ve got the ability to write an affiliate newsletter, so I showed you how this looked from the affiliate standpoint. You can compose this from within LeadDyno and send it out. A couple of tips that I would share with you in terms of writing effective newsletters. One would be just the timing of sending out these newsletters. I like to time these with our affiliate payments, as I find it’s always a nice way to get everyone’s attention and let ’em know that money’s going out the door and that they can click through their affiliate dashboard to see their progress, which is also where they have all of their social sharing buttons conveniently located.

We can also fire off emails to affiliates in an automated basis, so I’ve got these automated emails. You’ve got these at your disposal as well, so these you’ll send out automatically from the system. So it’s nice that these will keep your affiliates engaged without you having specifically to do anything. So for example, when a new affiliate signs up, we can send them a welcome email that looks like this, which contains their affiliate link as well as the link to their affiliate dashboard, so everything that they need to get up and running.

Also, on the automated side, we can let them know how they did for the week, so the number of visitors, leads, and purchases that they got credit for. And then you can also let ’em know every time they got credit for a new opt-in or a new purchase. So again, these emails, customizable. In my case, I’m lettin’ ’em know who it was that they referred. You can do the same if you’d like, so you can tweet the email, you can pop in your own variables. And again, you just kinda set this up once, and then the system will send out these automated emails as a way to keep your affiliates engaged as they’re selling for you.

All right, and then our last topic, but probably our most popular one, is affiliate recruitment. So I have two techniques I’m gonna share with you today. First is gonna be our affiliate invitation email. This will go out to folks as they buy from you and invite them to join your affiliate program. So this is a real nice way to grow your base of affiliates organically, a nice way to get a 2 for 1, where you’ve got a new customer and what we’re gonna do here is see if we can get you a new affiliate at the same time.

In my experience, I’ve been real happy with the uptake in the number of folks, number of our customers who have enthusiastically signed up for our affiliate program. I know this technique has worked real well for many of our customers as well, so I would encourage you to check it out. Not much you need to do beyond enabling the email, writing it as you would like, and then you’ll be able to get this going out to folks as they buy from you.

And then another way that we can recruit and get some more affiliates is gonna be our affiliate network. So in here, we’re gonna let you reach out to prospective affiliates who look like good fits for your programs to do this. You can either recruit affiliates on your end, or you can set up your own affiliate profile as well. I’d recommend you do both where we’re gonna get you a listing in our affiliate directory here, so within your category, we’ll talk about your product, and we will talk about your affiliate program here as well. Affiliates are gonna be able to apply with a single click. And this will route them through to your program and they can start promoting right away, if you’ve got Auto Approval on, so a nice to get access to affiliates and influencers who you might not currently know.

To join our network, pretty easy. Just hit the Network tab in the lower left corner of LeadDyno, and this will bounce you over to our network where you can set up your profile featuring your product, featuring your affiliate program. And then, if you’re new, please do let me know. Reach out to me and let me know. If we can get you featured in the newsletter that’s gonna go out to our affiliates and newsletters, we would love to do that, showcase your program as well and help get you more exposure right away.

All right, and then, finally, we will talk affiliate payouts. And then I see I’ve got a couple of questions in here, so let’s go into those in a moment. When it’s time to pay folks, we’ll just hit our pay button. I’ve got everyone I owe commissions to teed up here, so I can pay through the end of the month. And when it’s time to send out the money, I can hit the Paypal button to tee up a Paypal payment from me out to each affiliate for the amount that I owe them. If I’m cuttin’ a check, I can mark somebody off as being manually paid. Other options, coin-based, will let us send bitcoin as a form of payment. Paypal Mass Pay is an option if you wanna pay a bunch of people or everyone all at one time.

Okay, so with that, let’s get into your questions. So you can also get a hold of us. Let me show you our support info. We do have support seven days a week via phone, email, and live chat. Questions we’ve got. Someone with an affiliate who is looking to bring in more affiliates, so the question here would be… I believe we’re lookin’ to setup a multi-level commission structure, so you could set up a multi-level commission structure where your affiliate could get awarded for the affiliates that they are bringing in.

Let me show you how…let me send you a document based on this, and we can actually review it in a moment here as well. So if we’re lookin’ to set up a multi-level structure…I will send an answer to this question out…moving into LeadDyno, when we’re setting up our commission payments. I’ve got my commission payments here. What I can do is let me show you how this looks in our current plan. This is our basic commission payment, so if we’re payin’ a fixed amount or a percentage.

Below, under the Advanced Types here, so we click Advanced Options. This is where you’ll get your multi-level support. So you can actually set up all the way up to 10 levels on the multi-level side if you’re interested in doing that. Basically, assign a different dollar amount or a different commission for each level that you got here, and we’re also happy to help you set this up if you would like. Then how is your affiliate going to invite these folks, gonna invite the other affiliates? We’ve got an Invite tab available from the affiliate dashboard, where they’re welcome to put in the email address of the folks that they would like to invite here.

Question on our affiliate network so yes, this is the Network tab in the lower left corner here, so that’s what I showed you in terms of So this is our affiliate network, which is gonna be able to feature your product and your affiliate program here as well.

Question on Ecwid whether LeadDyno does support Ecwid, and yes, we do. This is a new integration where you can connect to your Ecwid cart. Just showing you the current integrations that we have, so we do support Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, of course, being the big ones. Recharge is a new one for recurring subscriptions here as well. So if you’ve got a question on a specific integration, let us know here also.

Okay, and looks like that’s it for questions, so let me show how to get a hold of additional support. So typically, the system can be set up within…I would say, within a few hours, you can get everything locked and loaded. If you do need help, just let us know at any time. Here’s our contact info, so again, phone, email, live chat available seven days a week. Live chat’s probably the most convenient way to get something started. That’s available in the lower right on the website here, lower right within LeadDyno. And then if you have anything for me, [email protected] We’ll go back, so maybe we can start back one-on-one on anything that you have.

Otherwise, thank you for joining. Hope it was helpful today. Stay in touch. Hope everyone has a great Monday and a great rest of your week.

Sorry, one more question coming in, “How do we turn on Auto Approval for affiliates?” That is going to be enabled by default, so your affiliates are going to be automatically approved under…I believe that is under Affiliate Settings. No, I’m sorry. It’s under Content. Configure Affiliate Website, Affiliates Require Approval is going to be right here. So if you look down at the bottom for Affiliates to Require Approval, by default, it’s going to be off.

If you want to not approve affiliates automatically, you can toggle this to On. But if you’re looking for Auto Approval, just leave this off and you will be good to go. Affiliates will be auto-approved. That’s what I recommend. In my experience, the more the merrier. LeadDyno helps with the automation of the management of this stuff, so I just auto-approve everyone. But up to you, this is where the setting is located within the system.

Okay, let me take another look, see if we have any questions. We do not. So thank you, again, everyone for your questions, and do stay in touch. Let me know if there’s anything else that you think of afterwards. Have a great rest of your Monday, great rest of your week. Keep me posted on your affiliate program launch, love to help how we can, and hope to hear from you soon.


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