How to Find Affiliates to Promote Your Products

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover in our March 2015 update, including…
  • New product features on the way
  • A special “hot seat” webinar on finding good affiliates
  • User interface (UI) survey (for the “next” LD release)
  • Our new “Product of the Day” promotion

Let’s start with the new product features you’ll see soon…

“Per Product” Commissions & Social Sharing “Widgets”

Our biggest feature request is the ability to define different commissions “per product” (or per SKU). I’m excited to say that this will be available in April.

Currently, as you probably know, our commission plans apply across all products. Starting in April, we’ll let you split out different commissions for different products.

We also have a cool “social sharing widget” that you’ll be able to embed directly on your checkout page…

You can roll this widget just like Amazon!

These one-click buttons will let your new customers share your specific product page on social media as they checkout. (As in, they can post your product right to their Facebook wall as they buy it).

It’ll also have an option for them to join your affiliate program right there, if they’re not already an affiliate of yours.

If you’re interested in helping us “beta test” this new feature, please reply directly to this email.

And PayPal “mass pay” is coming soon, too. This will let you pay out all of your affiliates at one time.

How to Find Great Affiliates – Free Webcast & Specific Advice

Many of you have asked for help on how to find affiliates to promote your products.

I actually have a special “affiliate recruitment” technique I’ve used with great success in growing our two online businesses. If you’re a current customer, I’m happy to share it with you at no cost.

I’d even be happy to walk you through the specifics of how I’d go about recruiting affiliates if I was your marketing manager.

Participation in the “Hot Seat” is not mandatory… but it’s available for those who do want valuable marketing advice for free.

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