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So you need to know how to find affiliates. You’ve already created an affiliate program for your online store in hope of generating more sales. This low-cost method will increase your sales and marketing reach – but only if it’s functional and if you have active affiliates, right?

I’m sure you’ve spent a lot of time and resources putting together your affiliate program. And now you need to see the results coming in. An affiliate program on its own won’t get you sales, instead, it’s affiliates that you really need.

5 Steps to Finding Affiliates for your Program

We have put together a short list of things you can do to immediately attract affiliates to your program. Let’s get straight to it and talk about how to find affiliates to promote your products.

1. Create a Landing Page for Your Affiliate Program

Create Landing Page for Affiliate ProgramsAn important part of promoting your affiliate program is by creating an effective landing page. The aim of your landing page is to provide info, offer incentives and get sign-ups.

Without a landing page, all your other promo activities will be wasted because people may get lost and confused when they reach your signup page.

Your affiliate program landing page should:

a) Communicate Clearly to Your Target Affiliates

Think about the kind of affiliates that are best suited for your program. And also the industries that you are targeting.

For example, if you sell health products it would be ideal to target affiliates that have an interest in health and fitness. Therefore, your messaging should clearly talk to your ideal target audience.

b) Highlight the Benefits of Your Program

This is vital for attracting affiliates to sign up. Therefore, you must present your benefits and what affiliates stand to gain if they join. The better your incentives – the more interest in your program.

c) Provide Information About How Your Program Works

Potential affiliates want to know things like:

  • how often you process pay-outs
  • what payment methods you use
  • the duration of your conversion cookies
  • how conversions are tracked

Since an affiliate takes out time and uses resources to promote sales to your website, providing them with such information will give them the confidence to sign up. As this will assure them that their efforts of generating referrals will be fairly rewarded.

d) Guide them to Sign Up

Your landing page should have a clear call-to-action button or even an opt-in form for directing users to sign up.

Now your landing page is ready to attract affiliate signups!

2. Advertise to Your Current List

How to Find Affiliates through Email MarketingThis is perfect if you have built a database of contacts. Advertising to them in the form of an email automation campaign is a good start to promote your affiliate program, thus earning new signups.

Your email should remain brief and must communicate the incentives and link to signup. You could also link to your landing page for more detailed information.

3. Ask New Customers to Join

Reach out to new customers and offer them to sign up for your affiliate program. This is an effective channel as they are already customers of your products or services and they will most likely advocate and promote you especially if they have been satisfied.

If your affiliate program extends special discounts to its affiliates, then they will be enticed to redeem discounts for future purchases.

Simply send out an email campaign and invite them to join your affiliate program.

4. Join an Affiliate Network

Affiliate networks such as LeadDyno list and promote affiliate programs. They have already built a large audience of affiliates so you don’t need to worry about that especially if you are new. Affiliate networks provide that added advantage of increasing visibility and reach to potential affiliates.

You also get the chance to have your program featured in regular email and social media campaign. Joining an affiliate network will save you a great deal of time and money.

LeadDyno Affiliate Network Signup

5. Approach Affiliates Directly

This method requires time and patience. Before you can start approaching anyone, you have to know who to approach. Therefore, you should do some research to find potential affiliates. Start by searching blogs that share content relevant to your target audience.

For example, a parenting blog may be a suitable platform to market baby-related products. So if you sell products for babies, you could reach out to parenting bloggers to signup for your affiliate program.


For any campaign that you decide to set up, it may take multiple engagements with a potential affiliate before they decide to bite. In light of this, try to set up an email automation campaign that will go out at intervals to remind users to signup.

Conveniently, an affiliate network like our very own LeadDyno will take care of all of this for you and drive new affiliates to your program. Take advantage of our 30 days free trial and sign up today!

Recap the Steps on How to Find Affiliates

Remember, knowing how to find affiliates will determine the success of your affiliate program. The more affiliates you have, then the more customers you will attract.

Now let’s quickly recap the steps we covered on how to find affiliates:

  1. First, create a landing page to optimize signups.
  2. Then advertise to your current list of contacts.
  3. Also, make sure you invite new affiliates.
  4. Join an affiliate network like LeadDyno.
  5. Finally, try to approach affiliates directly.

There you have it!

Before you go, let us know in the comments what method has brought you success.

Happy signups!

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