How to Choose the Right Affiliate Software for Your Business

Choose Affiliate Software

If you intend to establish a successful affiliate program, finding the right affiliate tracking solution is an integral part of that effort. With so many options available, you may find it challenging to determine which product is the best affiliate software for your business. The tips below will help you figure it out.

Tips on Picking the Right Affiliate Software

The kind of software you choose depends on how far you’ve gotten in establishing your affiliate program. If you’re starting out, you may want to go with a more basic platform that’s easier to learn and helps you get your company established. One drawback to this approach is that as your business grows, you may expand beyond your current affiliate software capabilities. Below are some other factors that can play a role in your selection.

The Needs of Your Company

What is it you’re looking for from your affiliate program? Which problems should it help you tackle? Are you looking to increase sales around specific products or services? If so, you should look into affiliate software capable of tracking links to have a better sense of how they perform. Other items to consider include:

  • Whether the software assists you with communicating with affiliates
  • If the software makes it easier to track the growth of your business
  • Whether it can help you with paying affiliates
  • How easy or difficult it is to use the platform interface‌

Think carefully about whether the affiliate software can help you meet the goals and expectations of your company. Every business is different, which is why you can’t necessarily expect to find a one-size-fits-all solution. Still, you can find an option that helps you take care of your organization’s core needs.

What You Expect From Your Affiliate Program

If marketing is part of your business’s core strategy, you want a solution capable of tracking and handling different kinds of marketing. That can include social media outreach, affiliate website landing pages, and promotional videos.

You want software capable of tracking the activities of your affiliates across different promotional channels in a controlled and measured way. The solution must handle the complexity of keeping up with multiple affiliate partnerships and various marketing strategies.

Your Experience as an Affiliate Program Manager

If this is your first time branching out into the world of affiliate management, you could quickly get lost trying to figure out a complex affiliate program dashboard. Keep an eye out for affiliate marketing platforms that come with lots of tutorials to show you how to use the different program features.

If you’re experienced in affiliate marketing, you should already have some knowledge of different affiliate software systems. You may be capable of handling a solution with the features needed for more advanced affiliate tracking.

Essentials for Affiliate Tracking Solutions

You should understand what’s available when you start evaluating the best affiliate marketing software options. Before you get lured into associations with vendors that can’t meet the needs of your affiliate program, make sure you understand the essentials to look for when searching for the right product.

Customized registration. The platform should allow your affiliate program to build a customized recruitment, registration, and onboarding experience for new affiliates that reflects your brand’s values. You should maintain complete control over who receives access to the platform, what they’re allowed to see, and what they do within the software program.

An affiliate portal and share links. The software should include an affiliate portal that provides participants with everything they need for optimal engagement, including assets and reporting. Having a portal enables a streamlined access process that cuts down on requests made to program managers.

Affiliate payouts. Pay is often one of the biggest headaches for affiliate program managers. Look for features in a software program that make it easy to use your preferred payment method, whether real-time or scheduled.

Support for reward tiers. Affiliate software programs should support the ability to provide commissions and payouts based on elements like hitting a sales target, generating a specific amount of revenue, or encouraging purchases through a special promotion.

Multiple campaign tracking. Your program should have the flexibility to track different kinds of campaigns generated by affiliates. That lets you bring on different types of affiliates, which helps your business grow.‌

Look for a solution that your brand can leverage to its advantage. This helps generate the best results for your company and makes it easier to reach your goals.

Additional Considerations for Affiliate Software

Price. For most affiliate programs, the price will play a significant role in the final choice of affiliate software. Think about the features you need most to help your growing company. There’s no reason to pay extra for bells and whistles you won’t use.

Write down the benefits you need most from an affiliate software program, and then see what’s available at different price points. Ask vendors for information on cost-effective payment plans that fit your budget. Look for a pricing tier that accommodates most of what you’re looking for from the software.

Competitors. Finally, do some investigation into the affiliate software used by competitors. Research online reviews that talk about the experiences other brands had using the platform. Gather as much information as you can on different software options to ensure you make the best choice for your business.

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