How and Why Give Away Free Products to Affiliates

affiliate free gifts giveaways

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most valuable marketing tools available to brands. It’s remarkably effective at increasing brand awareness and sales.

Another attractive feature of affiliate marketing is an affiliate’s commission is only paid when a sale is made. However, the standard commission an affiliate receives sometimes isn’t attractive enough to keep them working for your brand, promoting your products, and pulling in new customers by creating new content. They become dormant affiliates. 

How do you keep affiliates hooked on your brand? And what can you do to learn how to promote your affiliate program and attract more affiliates with more extensive networks? One of the best ways to demonstrate your company’s value to your affiliates — and in turn, have them convey your brand’s value to their network — is through giveaways and free products. 

Why Give Away Free Products to Affiliates? 

Giveaways of all types are exciting. It’s generally a pretty effective method of motivating your marketers. You might be wondering, “How can I advertise my affiliate program‌?” Giveaways are an excellent way to do this, as well. Affiliates in your niche might already use your products or be interested enough to make a giveaway an even more effective motivator. 

How you can to motivate your affiliates with giveaways

Motivating your affiliates and incentivizing them to promote your products and grow your brand awareness will result in more sales — a lot more. By giving your affiliates free products, exclusive access, or otherwise incentivizing, you activate your marketers. 

1. Give affiliates a free promotional product to review. 

Suppose your product is particularly expensive or otherwise difficult to obtain. In that case, the affiliate may not have otherwise had access to it. Giving it to them gets them more excited to share it with their network. The more exposure your brand receives, the more sales you’ll make. 

2. Organizing competitions for cash and prizes among affiliates.

This might be another option your brand can explore. People will always want to win money or a tropical vacation, especially if it seems within their reach. If they have a chance to win, they’re more likely to give it their best shot. 

3. Allowing affiliates to have early access to new features or product releases. 

This approach works for your brand in several ways. Your affiliate feels they have been given “special access,” providing them with the ever-elusive exclusivity — something they’re sure to tell people about. 

Why give away free products to affiliates? You reap the added benefit of receiving feedback on your product before it becomes available everywhere to consumers. Valuing an affiliate’s feedback will also work to build brand loyalty and help them become invested in your product’s success.

‌Need Some Help Managing Your Affiliate Program?

To keep track of how well your product giveaways are working, try LeadDyno affiliate software. We offer a 30-day free trial for all businesses. LeadDyno seamlessly integrates with more than twenty-five platforms, including e-commerce, marketing, and payment processors. Software features such as the Affiliate Dashboard give your affiliates the tools they need to succeed, keep track of goals and earnings, and generate more leads and sales for your brand. 

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