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Golf is definitely a leisurely sport for those with deep pockets. And don’t think that it’s only the golfing industry that capitalizes on the folks who seek out this expensive hobby. Affiliate marketers can also get their hands on the loot. So if you run an influential golf blog or even if you have a decent following on social media, you should become a member of golf affiliate programs. You will then have the opportunity to promote golf products to your audience and earn an honorable commission for every sale you make.

“So where do I find and how do I become a member of these golf affiliate programs”?

Glad you asked!!

We have a large directory of merchants looking for affiliate marketers just like you! They include a wide range of niches. We guarantee you will find a program that’s perfect for you.

Every week, we share with you the latest affiliate programs with some of the best products that you can promote on your websites or through your social media feeds.

And today, it just so happens we will be sharing the latest golf affiliate programs. So feel free to go ahead and check them out. We have included links to the merchant’s official websites so you can explore their products further. And of course, get to know the companies a little better before you actually make the decision to partner with them.

Not only that!

We have also included links to take you straight to the affiliate sign up page. So let’s not dilly-dally any longer, and get right to it!

Newest Golf Affiliate Programs

  • Golf Swing Practice Club (20% Commish)
  • Cool Golf Tees (10% Commish)

Now let’s find out a little more about these great golfing affiliate programs.

Golf Swing Practice Club (20% Commission)

Golf Swing Practice Club | Golf Affiliate ProgramsGolfing is intimidating for newbies, considering the pros that show off all over the golf course. The pressure to fit in is real.

Between you and me, allow me to let you in on what I’d call a hack. With just 15 minutes of practice a day, the Swing Coach will help you learn to swing while keeping things simple and achievable.

Learning to golf will be fun, easy and less intimidating thanks to this ultimate golf swing practice club. It’s featured on the Golf Channel so you’re getting the real deal.

Affiliates – start earning a healthy commission of 20% on each sale you bring to the team. Register as an affiliate of Swing Coach and you will be one step closer to earning those bucks!

Cool Golf Tees (10% Commission)

Golf Tees 10% Commission - Flex Head Tees

Are you looking for the perfect gift to buy for your golfing buddy? How about a set of super funky golf tees!

When it comes to golf – it’s all about precision. Ask any golfer. There is no place for mediocre golf equipment on the golf course. So make sure you get your buddy only the coolest golf tees out there! And not just from anywhere, but from Flex Head Tees. These guys produce the best quality, most high-tech golf tees in the world!

Perhaps you could consider the Players Pack. It consists of eight tees. Choose from a range of sizes. They are also available in many lively colors. Such as bright yellow, orange, pink, red and white.

Affiliates – start promoting these cool golf tees and you will be rewarded with 10% commission for every sale you make. But first, make sure you have applied to become an affiliate of Flex Head Tees.


There you have it. The most recent affiliate programs in the golfing niche. If you want to explore other affiliate niches where you can earn some decent change, then go read our previous article, 11 Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing.

Until next time, good luck with your affiliate marketing endeavors! Make sure you share with us your success stories. Maybe even your disaster stories. Either way, we love hearing from you guys!

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