Get Affiliated With The Future! What the Future Holds for Affiliate Marketers

When was the last time someone recommended a product to you because a YouTube influencer vouched for it? Think of the number of times you tried a new restaurant because your favorite celebrity loved the food there? Too many times to count, right?

This is affiliate marketing. It is reported that more than 80% of advertisers and 84% of publishers make use of affiliate marketing programs for customer engagement and product promotion. Now that big companies like the New York Times and Amazon have stepped into the game, it has become clear that affiliate marketing is just beginning to take over the business world.

Here are some trends that you must look out for if you’re looking to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

The Visuals Matter

Promotion through creative images and videos can do wonders for products. With 3.7 billion people owning smartphones, platforms like Pinterest and Instagram will become effective ways of piquing people’s interest in a particular brand.

The digital landscape

Presence of affiliate marketers on Facebook, YouTube and IG has become increasingly prominent over the past couple of years. However, recent growing concerns about privacy will lead affiliate marketers to find alternative platforms to conduct business.

Do your market research

We live in a world dominated by data. Any effort to gauge trends without making use of current statistics and trends is futile. Data is a gold mine for affiliate marketers. No matter which platform they use, if their approach is data driven, they’re in it for the win.

The content matters

With increased globalization, it can be easy for one to become…generic. Hence, presenting a product with content that is culturally and regionally relevant will earn you some extra points. Content marketing is one of the basics of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers come up with ways to create content that can gain the customers’ trust and enable them to derive some value out of the product.

It can be daunting to keep up with the trends if one wants to be at the top of the affiliate marketing game. LeadDyno offers everything that affiliate marketers would need to promote websites and products successfully with the help of an e-commerce affiliate network. Watch the demo today!

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