Gearing Up for 2019—4 Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing Tips by Leaddyno

A few years ago, affiliate marketing was considered an obscure marketing strategy and marketers weren’t sure whether it was worth the investment. So I can understand why you may be wondering why we’re offering affiliate marketing tips for 2019.

Well, that was until 2018 when the tables completely turned! What was once considered a futile marketing approach, developed into a market where businesses invested $5.37 billion in 2017.  

As we step into 2019, affiliate marketing is growing stronger than ever. Which means, if you haven’t invested in it yet, now would be a good time.

If you’re unsure of where to start from, we’ve compiled a list of affiliate marketing trends that will take this year by the storm.

Here Are 4 Affiliate Marketing Tips For 2019

1. Strong Reviews Will Continue to Rule

Every time someone’s looking for reviews, they’re just inches away from making a purchase. All they need is a little push and your product is already in their cart.

Reviews have always ruled the world of digital marketing and will continue to do so in 2019. But writing a review isn’t all that matters. You need to create an honest review that’s rich in keywords.

Be an empathetic writer—instead of selling your product, sell a solution to the readers’ problems. If your review is a rehashed version of what your supplier told you, the readers won’t waste their time. The market is filled with competition and if you can’t provide readers with what they’re looking for, someone else will!

2. Hiring the Right Affiliates Makes All the Difference

This one’s for the marketers—hiring the right affiliates is the most critical decision and affects your overall product promotion.

Instead of quantity, it’s about time you start focusing on quality. Hire affiliates that have a developed audience in your niche. If you’re hiring beauty bloggers for promoting your latest smartphone model, you’re already risking your chances.

3. Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

With Google, Apple, and Samsung launching their voice speakers, voice-based searching isn’t a thing of the future anymore. It’s happening and you need to update your marketing strategies with it. In fact, a survey concludes that 40% of people in the U.S. use voice search once in a day.

So what importance does it hold for you as a marketer?

For starters, you need to make sure you have proper tools to optimize your content according to the voice search. Incorporate keywords that people use during a verbal search to optimize your content.

4. Using Video and Image Content to your Advantage

Gone are the days where affiliate marketing was all about written content. Marketers are now using video and image content to engage their audiences and promote their products. There’s no better way to attract readers than a creative image or a small yet entertaining video. If you succeed in engaging your readers until the end, you’ve already increased your chances of success!

There you have it. Now you can take these affiliate marketing tips and increase your sales for 2019.

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