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Webcast Today: Intro to LeadDyno for Affiliate / Referral Marketing

Looking for a “no brainer” way to send more sales to your online store this holiday shopping season, without having to invest in expensive Google and Facebook ads?

An effective affiliate marketing program will help you build a commission-only sales force that’ll send traffic your way with no up-front investment. With LeadDyno, each affiliate of yours gets access to social sharing buttons like these

… So that those without websites can use their social media followings to send traffic to your site. And we of course have more advanced options for those that do have a site – including the ability to embed creatives like banner ads and infographics.

I’ll demo these affiliate marketing features and more in our next free affiliate marketing webinar, which will be held later today, tomorrow, and Friday. If you need a quick refresher on affiliate marketing and LeadDyno, you can sign up here to join me:

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What We’ll Review on the Webcast 

If you haven’t yet attended one of our live webcasts, or it’s been awhile, I’d love to have you join me later today. I’ll break up the session into two parts:

1. How affiliates will sign up to join your program and how they’ll be able to promote your website and product.

2. How you (and I) as affiliate managers can setup LeadDyno to get the most marketing leverage out of our efforts.

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Specifically, we’ll review how to:

  • Get new affiliates everything they need to promote your product(s) and website
  • Recruit new affiliates while you sleep (including turning your customers into affiliates, too)
  • Encourage your affiliates to “social share” your product(s) via Facebook, Twitter, and Email, and other social media 
  • Keep your affiliates engaged with “automated” affiliate emails and success updates 
  • Easily pay your affiliates for their efforts – using LeadDyno’s one-click PayPay integration 

That’ll take about 15 or 20 minutes. And we will take your questions throughout and afterwards (which is why we do these live). So if there’s anything specific that you’d like to see demo’d, or if you have any questions about installing LeadDyno on your website / store, I’m happy to help live.

Again, you can sign up here to join me today or tomorrow:

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PS – And if you want to get a jump start, here’s a recent recording that you’re welcome to watch “on demand” right here.

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