Join a Fitness Affiliate Program & Earn Healthy Commissions Up To 20%

I’m writing today to share three new fitness products with you that you may be interested in promoting as an affiliate.

These are all high quality products worthy of you sharing on your website and in your social media channels. Plus, they boast great affiliate programs and will pay you generous sales commissions for your efforts!

Get the Body You’ve Always Dreamed of and Get Not Such a Slim Commission of 20%

The media is buzzing with how celebrities are using waist trainers to get perfect hot hourglass figures that are out of this world. Wondered how waist trainers actually work?

For those that are experienced in fitness will know that it takes the right balance of both exercise and diet to get it right. But the reality is that this is not so easy especially when we live busy lives. We all have perfect plans to exercise everyday. But life happens. We’re too hectic to go to the gym and we may slip off the healthy diet and indulge ourselves due to the craziness and lack of time to plan that part of our lives properly.

Waist Trainer Fitness brings you waist trainers that work by reducing your appetite causing you to feel fuller quicker. All you have to do is wear it. You’ll be eating smaller portions than usual and before you know it, pounds will be melting off your body and you’ll be looking as hot as the Kardashians!

Waist Trainer Fitness offers a range from everyday, latex to sports waist trainers. Prices range from $29.99 to $60.00 per piece and you can pocket a healthy commission of 20% plus a discount for your own use. If that’s not hot enough, you can also get an additional 5% commission on sales for affiliates you sign up.

Who Would Have Thought that Crickets Taste Good for 10-20% Commission?

Nope. We have not lost the plot. We’re not kidding either. Crik Nutrition (its ok if you’re still laughing, it took us a while too) offers a range of protein powders made from: crickets. Yup. Did you
know that crickets have double the protein content than beef?

Crank up your protein consumption with Crik Nutrition and get that lean body.

Flavors include vanilla, sweet vanilla and chocolate. Crik Nutrition protein powders contain no artificial colors, flavors or ingredients. Just whole nutritious crickets! I bet you’re thinking that it tastes bad. Nope, it looks, smells and tastes just as good as any other protein powder on the market. No kidding.

Product prices range from $74.99 to $127 and you can expect to pocket another healthy commission of 10-20%.

Tough “All Weight is Not Created Equal” Sandbags for 15% Commission

For CrossFit and fitness enthusiasts, Brute Force Training offers hardcore innovative training sandbags and fitness equipment for brutal workouts, not for the casual trainer, as the name suggests.

US Military tested, Brute Force Training offers tough gear that is made in the USA and made to last tough workouts.

Sandbag kits range from $74.95 to $260.95. Affiliates, you get 15% commission off sales.

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