Feature Update: Send emails from your own domain by using custom SMTP

Custom Emails SMTP

With LeadDyno, you can send emails to your affiliates when certain events happen. Send them a welcome email when they sign up or keep them updated on their sales progress in real-time.

By default, all emails are sent with LeadDyno as the sender, in the leaddyno/leaddynomail format. If you want to use your own domain instead, it requires setting up custom SMTP. The process is a bit technical and requires attention to detail, but it’s a great way to personalize your affiliate program with your branding. 

The general steps include:

1. Signing up for a transactional email service such as SendGrid or Mailgun.

2. Verifying your email/domain settings.

3. Obtaining the SMTP credentials and adding them to your LeadDyno account.

What’s next?

Read our guide on setting up custom SMTP for your affiliate program and visit your settings page in your LeadDyno account to get started.  Once configured, make sure to test the integration by you can sign-up as a new affiliate if you have the ‘New Sign-up’ email enabled. LeadDyno is always working hard to improve our affiliate platform, service, and overall experience. If you have suggestions on what you would like to see next please contact us.

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