Feature Update: Affiliate Content Management

Feature Update Affiliate Content

Having high-quality shareable content available to affiliates is essential for a successful affiliate program. Available content might include banner images or pre-written social shares, blog posts, or SMS messages. To help you manage your shareable content, we now provide:

Advanced Filtering

The new advanced filtering options allow LeadDyno merchants to view content by states/display location, marketing/social channels, or merchant-defined affiliate groups.

Or click the social media/marketing icons to see all of your affiliate content by channel.

Quick previews & new grid view

Quickly and easily see previews of a specific piece of content by clicking preview.

Or click the grid icon to see full previews for all of your content. This function is especially useful when you have many pieces of content for a specific social/marketing channel.

Restrict content to specific Affiliate Groups

Affiliate types provide a way to split your affiliates into groups. Affiliate types or groups were used by merchants to configure different compensation plans for different affiliates. In the latest update you can now limit your affiliate content on the Marketing Materials page to specific Affiliate Types.

Social links are quick links that make it easy for affiliates to share your brand across social networks. By default they display on the affiliate website dashboard.

Choose which social links display on the homepage of your affiliate website. The affiliate website homepage is limited to one piece social content per channel.

Or if for some reason you don’t want any quick social links on the affiliate website dashboard we added a new option to hide them all at once. This can be done in your affiliate website settings.

On the Affiliate Content management page, you can now add a link to additional sharing materials. It allows you to link to a page of resources you might have on Google Drive, Dropbox, or your website. Linking to a media library is helpful if you have brand photos, videos, or additional content you want to allow affiliates to access so they can generate their own shareable content.

Once the link is saved, it will appear at the top of Marketing Materials and available to all affiliates in your program.

What’s next?

Start adding or managing your affiliate content with the new Affiliate Content page today. LeadDyno is always working hard to improve our affiliate platform, service, and overall experience. If you have suggestions on what you would like to see next please contact us.

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