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LeadDyno helps you create and manage a personalized affiliate program that will help you target new enthusiastic influencers, easily boosting your brand revenue!

Fashion & Lifestyle Brands use LeadDyno to…

Launch their Affiliate Program

Design, launch, and manage your influencer program with LeadDyno’s  unparalleled influencer program design tools!

Save Time

LeadDyno ensures you can manage a large audience of influencers with our easy automated payment system. Pay custom commission rates to all your affiliates in just a few clicks!

Save Money

Discover the cheapest way to boost revenue quickly. LeadDyno requires no expensive ads or marketing teams. Instead, reward your loyal customers with personalized incentives to boost awareness of your brand.

Find Their Audience

It’s never been easier to find and nurture your target customer, using LeadDyno’s tried and true influencer growth structures.

Grow Brand Awareness

With straightforward data tracking and automated marketing tools, you’ll be able to discover new insights about your target audience while easily scaling your business.

“Highly recommend this app for those wishing to initiate a professional affiliate/ambassador program with ease… They walked me through everything and they responded quickly to all my emails and reached out afterwards to make sure I fully understood how the app worked. They really wants to see you succeed! Be sure and check out all the fabulous and free training videos they offer!
Loving the LeadDyno app!

Brand Squawk Apparel

Key Benefits

Easily Create and Manage Your Influencer Program

No idea where to start? LeadDyno has you covered!
Design your ideal 
influencer program with everything you need to launch and oversee your program, whether you have ten influencers or thousands!

With flexible customization and a support team on call to answer any questions you might have, it’s never been easier to jump into the world of influencer marketing. 

Find Your Most Loyal Influencers

Standing out in this distracting digital age can be a challenge, and word-of-mouth is more important than ever for growing your business. Reward your biggest fans with a program that gives them the tools to find your ideal customers. Nurture new leads with consistency and simplicity, using LeadDyno’s strategic influencer program-building tools. 

Save Time with Automated Influencer Payout

Paying your influencers is simpler than ever, with easy mass payout options that you can customize to your brand. Integrate payments with Stripe and Paypal and include pay tiers and referral incentives to sweeten the deal for your most loyal influencers. Pay out thousands of influencers in just a few clicks!

Track Trends and Customer Insights with Transparency

Forget filling out tedious spreadsheets of customer data! LeadDyno’s comprehensive influencer dashboard tracks customer insights for you, helping you to spot trends and keep tabs on all affiliate activity (including leads, visitors, purchases, and social shares).
Plus, the dashboard is available for 
influencer to view as well, boosting transparency and helping you to overcome any skepticism about the viability of your influencer marketing program. 

“The LeadDyno team is wonderful. When you have a question you can talk to an actual LeadDyno team member. This is huge, because I don’t have time to go through a forum or dig for the answers.With LeadDyno, I get my questions answered fast and they even give me ideas on how to use their app to help me grow my business. Hands down best support team!!”

Curb Appeal Beauty

Customer Success Stories

Find out how other clients use LeadDyno to grow their brand and streamline their revenue!

“We’re empowering female influencers to disrupt the traditional marketing model, and LeadDyno is the easy-to-use, affiliate platform we’re using to do it.”

Courtney Brown
Founder & CEO, Cents of Style

“If you’re an e-commerce business using Shopify—and want seamless integration with a customizable, simple platform to manage your affiliate marketing program—LeadDyno is a great option.”

Darcey Wilde
CEO, Shine Cosmetics

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