How To *Own* Facebook This Black Friday… & Cyber Monday, Too!

What I’m about to tell you probably won’t thrill anyone at Facebook. It’s a way for you to get a LOT of exposure on their platform without giving them a dime…

It’s not a posting secret either. These days, the only secret to getting more exposure is opening up your wallet to Facebook! Instead, here’s what you want to do:

Get people – namely your affiliates and partners – to post to their feeds on your behalf.

It’s a win/win for both parties when you provide your affiliates with unique content to share on Facebook. After this Tuesday’s election, chatter on social media is going to revert back to its usual form – entertaining stories that also contain a bit of information.

Your unique products are an ideal topic. If I’m an affiliate of yours, I get to share something cool with my friends and followers, and earn commissions if they buy your stuff.

It’s a no-brainer from your standpoint too, because you’re only paying me when I send purchases your way. Worse case, I sell nothing while giving you free public relations exposure!

Facebook affiliate marketing is easy to setup with LeadDyno. Here’s how to do it in three quick steps…

Step 1: Setup Your Landing Page

First, figure out what page on your website you want all of this Facebook traffic to land on. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – it can be as simple as a blog post with a call-to-action or upsell at the end.

And put one big picture near the top of the page. I’d suggest just one – whatever you want Facebook to use as the image in the post – so that they don’t pull another picture on you.

Step 2: Write the Facebook Post

In LeadDyno, go to Content – Facebook Post – Edit to write your post.

The Alternate Destination URL will be the URL of your landing page.

Write the title of the post in the Facebook Post Subject box.

And add the commentary you want your affiliates to share in the Facebook Post Body field.

Step 3: Email Your Affiliates

Now, send your affiliates a quick note to let them know they can earn money from you simply by clicking twice!

Back to LeadDyno – click Tools – Affiliate Newsletter to launch an email note to your affiliate partners. Need some ideas? Here are some tips on writing an effective newsletter.

It doesn’t have to be a longwinded note. Just let your affiliates know that they have new Facebook content available to share (with a single-click) on their affiliate dashboard.

All they’ll do is click the Facebook button, then select the Post To Facebook button when they are logged into Facebook. They’ll then post your note in their Facebook feed for their friends and followers to see – and you’ll create instant social media buzz without spending a dime upfront!

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