Essential Features to look for in Affiliate Tracking Software

It pays to have a list of standards and features on your mind when it comes to evaluating affiliate tracking software. Firstly, there are some basic features that every software is expected to have. Then, there are advanced features that allow you to manage your affiliates in a more organized and dynamic fashion. You will want to look for some features that allow you to draw maximum benefits from your affiliates.

Let us look at some features that you will want to have in your affiliate tracking software.

Affiliate Sign up Forms

The software should have the ability to generate affiliate sign up forms. These forms should be able to collect information regarding the affiliate, create affiliate accounts and assign them a commission plan. The software should carry out all of the sign up process automatically and then generate emails with guides on getting started to the new affiliates.

Affiliate Management Center

The software should feature an affiliate management center, which allows affiliates to log on and view relevant data including:

  • Their recent activity, i.e. their payment history, the sales and clicks they generated, etc.
  • Their commission structure, including the amount that is due to them by the business.

They should also be able to download promotional tools that they can place on their websites. It is important that the interface is user friendly to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Flexible Commission

The software must allow you to customize and define various commission plans. You will not want to pay all your affiliates the same rate of commission, even for the same product. With a flexible commission facility, you can design your commission plan as per your requirements.

Customized Landing Page

You should have the ability to set which affiliate will lead to which page. The landing page can make a lot of difference when it comes to converting visitors into customers. You can test out which pages work best for which affiliates over time and then set those pages accordingly.

Promotional Tools for Affiliates

The software should give you the ability to add promotional tools that will be used by your affiliates. This allows the affiliates to use the tools you have defined for your promotion. The software should allow the tool selected by affiliate to be customized, i.e. the name, affiliate links, landing page, etc. should be allocated accordingly.

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