Email Isn’t Dead – It Is Actually Doing Pretty Well!

Maybe it’s because the world is evolving and we have ever-changing demands. It could be because technology is changing and advancing, improving and becoming better, but there seems to be a common misconception that email marketing is dead.

Does anyone use email anymore? The answer is yes, they do.

While it may come as a surprise to those who mainly use social media networks to keep in touch with their clients and to sell products through affiliate marketing, email marketing is in fact, very much alive and thriving!

Targeting Mobile Phone Users Is the Way to Go

First off, despite the fact that people mostly receive spam in their inbox, email marketing is very useful when you want to target mobile users. According to research, 52 percent Americans access their email using their mobile phone. While this may come as a surprise, it actually makes sense. Emailing, instead of texting, is much better because it is free of charge and you can access your email through other devices such as tablets and laptops.

People Want To Use More Than 140 Characters

Social media is great, but email is better. You can use email to promote your content when venturing into affiliate marketing. This is because you can email details of the product you are promoting—in more than 140 words. Customers want hardcore facts when they plan to purchase a product, not just catchy headlines and phrases.

Easiest Way to Get Branded, Not Brand-Dead

Creating brand awareness is important when you’re selling a product. Email marketing is a powerful tool for those who use affiliate marketing because you can easily create brand awareness about the product you are selling. The more people read or click on emails regarding the products you are selling, the more they know about your brand.

It’s Inexpensive, But Effective

TV commercials, billboard advertising and flyers can take a toll on your budget. In order to communicate better when you are selling a product through affiliate marketing, use a simple tool and platform such as email marketing. Not only is it a quick way to let customers know about the product you are marketing, it is an inexpensive way too.

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