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What’s new in the LeadDyno world of electronics? Well, you can expect to get acquainted with special discreet tracking devices, blackhead-fighting facial cleansers, super HD waterproof earbuds, and a few other things to tickle your fancy. So make sure to join us as we guide you through this month’s list of electronics affiliate programs, where you can promote the latest trending products.

So let’s first confirm the five types of products you will get to market with these electronics affiliate programs.

  1. Accessories for Smart Devices
  2. Eyewear Tracking Device
  3. Pore Cleaning Device
  4. Waterproof Earbuds
  5. Water Leak Detection System

Notice what we’ve done there?

We didn’t want this guide to be all about computers and gaming, so we’ve spread our wings. And the reason we have done this is so that you guys get exposed to more of what’s out there.

Allowing you to also spread your affiliate marketing wings.

LeadDyno’s Recommended Electronics Affiliate Programs

Before we continue, I would just like to remind you that we have so many more categories aside from the electronics affiliate programs. You just need to check out our directory of e-commerce merchants and search for products of interest.

Also, just so you know, we are only an email or phone call away. So if you ever need assistance with our LeadDyno software or perhaps you just need affiliate marketing advice, then just get in touch. You can find the different means of reaching out to us over on our contact page.

Now let’s bounce right back to the headliners of the day.

1. Electronic Accessories for Smart Device → 25% Affiliate Commission

High Speed Device Charging CableWhen considering a gadget, I definitely look for rechargeable features.

USB rechargeable is always a bonus.

But the problem comes in where you just have too many electronic devices to charge all at the same time.

Your action camera. The smartphone. Your clippers. And don’t forget the kids’ gadgets.

Not enough USB charging points to charge everything, right?

The ultra-fast USB wall adapter from Mcdodo Tech is something we all need.

It will quickly charge multiple USB devices at once.

Get these and more smart accessories from Mcdodo Tech.

Plenty of products to promote. You can easily hit your sales time and time again. So be one of the first to affiliate with Mcdodo Tech and make a 25% commission on each sale you generate.

2. Eyewear Tracking Device → 10% Affiliate Commission

Glasses Fitted with Findy TrackerEver misplaced your eyewear?

Panic in an instant as you think about the fortune they’re worth.

It happens.

Thankfully with Findy from Foxsmart Systems, you can find your lost or misplaced eyewear.

This is the smallest Bluetooth device that you can easily attach to your glasses.

With the Findy App, you can locate it within 100 feet with the loudest buzzer alarm.

What’s awesome is that it comes with an adapter that you can use to attach it to your keys, wallet or whatever you need to.

Here’s an awesome opportunity to promote a product that gets a great deal of attention. So stop messing around and start that affiliate partnership with Foxsmart Systems.

3. Pore Cleaning Device → 15% Affiliate Commission

Easily Remove Blackheads | Easy MinutesIt’s 2019 and unfortunately, blackheads are still a common skin problem for many.

But thankfully Easy-Minutes will take care of those unsightly blackheads just as you need to.

This pore cleaning device uses strong suction power to vacuum those buggers out.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Pretty refreshing to think about how clean your pores will be after using the Easy-Minutes device.

This handy device is USB rechargeable and comes with 4 tip head adaptors.

If you’re into the beauty business, then this is a great affiliate opportunity for you. Apply here to become an affiliate of Easy-Minutes and start making a 15% commission on every sale.

4. Advanced Waterproof Earbuds → 15% Affiliate Commission

Blue Waterproof Wireless Earbuds by xFyroI love music.

I’m not talking about turn the radio on type of music enthusiast.

I’m talking about amp up the volume and dance up the mornings, Monday to Monday.

You know, living life up.

But unfortunately, my neighbors don’t share the same sentiments.

So, wireless headphones have kinda sorted out that problem.

But, I’m ready to take things to the next level with waterproof wireless earbuds from xFyro.

Superior HD sound in the shower, in the rain and in the pool.

Epic, right?

Everyone else will just have to accept my undiffused out-of-tune singing because this music enthusiast is getting waterproof earbuds.

If you have a passion for sound and music, then you could start earning a 15% commission for bringing sales to their business. To get started, simply register to become affiliated with xFyro.

5. Smart Water Leak Detection System → $50 Affiliate Commission

BluView Water Leak Detection SystemGoing away on holiday and coming back to a flooded home because of a random leak is not cool.

Honestly, you never think about these things until they happen.

No one plans for that unexpected leak. It takes a lesson learned.

If you want to make a smart upgrade to your home, you need Intellecy BluView.

This DIY smart water management system detects leaks and can remotely turn off the water to prevent damage.

It will help you save water and reduce your water bills too.

If you want to earn $50 on every sale that you make, then go sign up as an affiliate partner with Intellecy BluView.

Browsed Through the List of Electronics Affiliate Programs? Now What?

What you do now depends entirely on your intentions. Are you an online shop owner looking to start your own affiliate program? Or are you an influencer looking to monetize your content through affiliate marketing? Perhaps you are new to the game and are still learning the rules.

Well, here’s some advice if you are looking to promote other company’s products or if you’re a merchant wanting to kickstart an affiliate program.

The Affiliate

If you are just starting out, then you’ll first need to decide which niche you will be working with. What kind of products do you know a lot about? What are you most passionate about?

The affiliate game will be so much easier if you understand and have a great passion for the products you are promoting.

Once you have your area of expertise figured out, start creating content. It can be through a blog or even social media.

Then when you have your content platform organized, you can begin to partner with merchants and start making money.

If our showcase of electronics affiliate programs has inspired you to go down a similar line, then perfect! You already have great companies you can forge an affiliate partnership with.

However, if you’ve thought about it and realize that your interests lie elsewhere, then not to worry. We have a ton of other companies that have affiliate programs in a wide range of niches that you can choose from.

The Merchant

Do you already have a running e-commerce store and are looking to drive more sales? Then you’re in the right place for starters. Our LeadDyno affiliate marketing software is the only tool you will need to help you start and manage an affiliate program.

And to help give your business an extra awareness boost, we will also feature your affiliate program in one of our upcoming guides.

With all that said, I’ll leave you now to go and work on achieving your affiliate marketing goals.

Check back every week for more affiliate program guides and marketing advice.

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