Effective Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Marketing Program

Banner ads – that is what comes to mind when we talk about promoting an affiliate program. But how effective are banner ads? Do they effectively promote affiliate programs? We asked some marketing gurus, and here’s what they had to say: not really.

Banner ads create a limited response. They’re stuck at the bottom or on the top of the screen and do very little for your affiliate program.

So, what works better for affiliate program promotion? Here are a few ideas:

Email Promotion

Direct marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies. Email is the best way to send repeated messages to invite people to visit a page. However, the real power of email is in endorsed mailing.

The response rates to email offerings are huge; however, trust building is an important and essential aspect. The receivers should not be spammed with your messages, or else you won’t be able to benefit from it.

Text Links on a Banner

Text links on a banner ad are an effective way of promoting your affiliate program. This text states the benefits of clicking on the banner ad. Clicking on the text link takes you to the affiliate program directly, thus helps your promote the program. Even though they appear with the banner on the same page, they promote your program without overwhelming your customer.

Featured Products

Offering a web page that acts as a featured product is one of the effective ways of promoting your affiliate program. This page is usually created at the affiliate’s website. It can either be a standalone page or can be merged with the webpage content at the affiliate’s site. You can even ask your affiliate member to feature your product on their website’s high traffic area.


Storefront integrated into another website is another tool for affiliate program promotion. You can opt to put a logo graphic on top of the page with a return link to the affiliate’s website. This will help in creating storefront as one of the important part of the website. Storefronts offer a number of products in a single setting which increases its credibility. You can mix the text link approach with storefront to offer a variety of products. Offering 3-5 products is ideal as too many choices may confuse the visitors.

Before you decide on the promotion of the affiliate program, choose a reliable one for your business. LeadDyno is one of the best affiliate marketing programs for companies. Our software is reliable and affordable, starting at $49 per month only!

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