Earn Money with These Top Affiliate Marketing Programs

Businesses believe that the gaming industry will generate more than $143 billion in revenue by the year 2020—which means that it’s a potential goldmine for affiliate marketing. If you’re running a gaming blog right now, we suggest that you keep at it! It might help you earn a steady income by next year.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work for Affiliates?

A lot of companies run affiliate marketing programs that affiliates have to sign up for. The aim of any affiliate marketing program is to hire affiliates who can market the business’s products through various online channels (a blog on WordPress or a page on Facebook, for instance).

When producing content for a client, affiliates need to make sure that they’re adding relevant links from the business’s website. These are links that direct traffic to the client’s service or product page.

The higher the traffic an affiliate brings, the higher the commission they get. You also get a cut from a sale if a customer ends up buying a product.

The following are some of the highest paying affiliate marketing programs:


Hubspot is a customer focused initiative that wants to bring companies’ attention back to serving customers instead of using all their resources to generate more and more profits. Hubspot runs their affiliate marketing program to reach and empower businesses to improve their customer services.

The aim is to not interrupt customers with intrusive marketing; instead, helping them when they ask for help.

Commission: Up to $1,000 per product


This is an online tool that helps you create customizable landing pages which can collect contact information and improve conversion rates. LeadPages’ affiliate program is only open for customers—that might be a setback—but even one referral can bring you a commission of 30%.

They are also known to run special offers which can get you a bonus of $5,000 if you’re able to generate 10+ sales within a set deadline.

Amazon Associates

You know that Amazon is a trusted retailer that will not scam customers. Hence, signing up for their affiliate program—known as Amazon Associates—can be immensely beneficial for your blog.

While Amazon’s affiliate payments may not be huge, they are flexible. You get a commission every time a customer makes a purchase after clicking your link. The customer can either end up buying a $2 light bulb or a $4,000 television, you never know! You are paid 1% to 10% of the profit that the company makes from each referral.

Here at Lead Dyno, we know how difficult it can be to navigate the realm of affiliate marketing. Hence, we offer affiliate marketing training programs to affiliates who want to grow in this field. Get in touch with us today to know more details about our services!

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